Living In Surrender

The largest part of who we are is what we believe.  There are times you were right about what you believed, and there are times you were wrong about what you believed.  So a belief is something you think to be true regardless of whether you are right or wrong.  Now faith is not belief, though they are closely related.  Faith is the step that comes after belief.  You could say that beliefs are inside the man and faith is where what you believe inside can be seen outside the man.  Because faith involves action, or it cannot be faith.  Faith is acting on what you believe without seeing it.  Faith is spiritual and operates only in a realm where you cannot see it.  If you can see it, then it is not faith.

Spiritual warfare fought on this plane is a battle of beliefs.  What makes a belief.  Beliefs are made up of thoughts.  How are thoughts expressed.  Thoughts are expressed through words.  God created the entire universe with His words.  Your fallen nature does not believe that.  It is with the heart man believes, not with the fallen nature.  That means it is in the spirit that all belief occurs.  That is where we believe this and all Spiritual things.  With the heart man believes and with the mouth he speaks that belief, or confesses it.  If we are not willing to say it, it is because we do not believe it.  We must think what God tells us to think and say what He tells us to say.  That is how all that He has for you will come to you.  Believe what His word says in your heart, confess what His word says with your mouth.  There is one other part and that is it will only come to you according to your own Faith, not according to God’s ability. That is why it is so important to build your faith.

Words are spiritual.  They minister either spiritual life or spiritual death.  Jesus said my words are spirit and they are life.  He said that as a man for men.  He did not say that as God.  Scripture tells us that He set aside being equal to God to become a man in order to do what God wanted Him to do.  Becoming the example to all men of what all men should say and what all men should do in regards to the Father.  What you believe and what you do is who you are.  God does not want your feelings or your arguments, He wants who you are.  This is the part of you that must be surrendered.  What you believe enough to say and then do.  People already do this with all sorts of things all their life long, they just have not been trained to do it with God.  Here are some examples of the action of faith from everyday life.

When you go to sit in a chair believing it will hold you up, that is an act of faith.  Further still when you go to look for your car in a parking lot that is large and full of cars, believing that yours will be there, that is an act of faith.  It is a low level of it, but it is faith.  Even more when you go to work at your job everyday for two weeks believing that they will pay you, you are doing that in faith.  People put their faith in all sorts of things because people believe all sorts of things.  This kind of faith cannot save you, in this life or the next.  Most of it is worthless.  Only faith in Christ is saving faith.  All other faith takes you straight to Hell.

None of that is said to be mean, it is the only position the Bible itself takes.  It speaks well of no other faith.  With the only other kind being fake faith, as opposed to true faith.  Truth can set you free, but before it does that it will often make you mad.  People love to say the truth will set you free.  But really, it is only the truth you know that will set you free.  But it only sets you free if you are disciplined by it.  It is being disciplined by the truth you know that sets you free.  The same way the road disciplines your car and tells it where it can and cannot drive across the ground.  God’s Truth must discipline your entire life just like that.  Telling you what you can say and do, and what you cannot say and do.  If we understood how everything that comes out of us as men is a seed, it would change the way we look at things.

Every word is a seed, every thought is a seed, every action is a seed.  God’s law of Seed-Time-Harvest is [The] Kingdom Principle.  When you look at an apple seed the Instructions for an entire apple tree are in that seed.  It is a level of God’s power. You cannot reassign the power, God has already assigned it.  That is why the anointing is on the sowing of the Word, not on our understanding of it.  We speak about the anointing on other pages.  There is no spiritual power in our mental understanding, the seed is what has the power.  It has this power within itself.

Every seed contains the destiny of where it is going.  It also contains the judgment of what it can and cannot do. What the seed is to become is already in the seed. The parameters it can operate within are already in the seed.  God’s Word is what He said, and it is in His Seed.  You could say seed is the ability for something to reproduce itself, and it came from God.  God’s power is in His word and His word is in His seed. That’s why it is so important to know what you sow, because you will reap what you sow.  We are now at the time of all the crops coming in from everything that has been sown.

The Word contains power within itself to bring itself to pass.  Our job is to sow.  Only God makes it grow. Most who call themselves Christians want God to grow it without their sowing it.  It will never happen that way.  God will not do that – He told you to.  He does not violate His own Word.  You cannot leave for Him to do what He has left for you to do.  Salvation is not an event, it is a condition.  Which means that it is ongoing.  You are saved in your spirit, you are being saved in your soul, and you will be saved in your body on the Great Day when the Lord returns.  But only if you’ve been sowing what He told you to sow. Stay in the condition of salvation, so that when it’s time to die, you won’t.

There are no dead people in Heaven!  Dead people don’t go to Heaven, they go to Hell.  Death is a spiritual condition not a physical event.  You must be clear about this.  Yes the world and its way of speaking has reduced it to that, as they do with all of God’s things.  That’s what they do, they reduce Him.  Because they do not want to deal with Him.  They cannot get rid of Him, so they make Him as small as they possibly can.  Do not line up with them.  We are forbidden to conform to the world and its way of thinking.  We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Which involves making His words our words.

We put out the Spiritual Principles and Biblical Truths (or some facet of them) on Facebook, every single day.  If you have followed us for any time then you know that.  God uses these laws to run the entire universe.  Two of the master Laws that run everything are stated in Romans 8 – the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ / and the Law of Sin and Death.  Everything living or dead is under one, nothing is under both.  Accept His will by believing His words and your sentence is life.  Eternal life.

The life is Life in Christ, not life the way man means it.  It is the kind of Life that you can only have if you are in Christ.  It is not available to anyone outside of Christ.  When you accept Christ as your Savior you come into this Life.  But that is just the start.  Until any human being is Born Again, they are in spiritual death.  That’s what Hell is filled with, spiritual death.  God’s Word is His Will.  One person’s dislike of the Will of God or the Word of God does not stop them from coming to pass in the Earth.  It only stops them from coming to pass in their own life.  God without man is still God.  Man without God . . . is nothing.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry