Little Child

God is so powerful. You know what else He is – He is kind. He is just as kind as He is powerful. His merciful kindness is great toward me. People fear God’s power because they don’t know His love. To know God we must see these two parts of His nature. The Bible says it like this, behold the goodness and severity of the Lord. God is so good, but He is as hard as nails in regards to Sin. Kindness is an attribute of love, but there is much more to love than that. If we are to live a life fully surrendered to Christ, our definition of love needs correcting.

Until you know and understand that the wrath of God is part of the love of God, you don’t know what the love of God is. You don’t have to experience His wrath, no one does. But every one of us will stand before Him. For Christians it will be the Judgment Seat of Christ. For everyone else it will be the Judgment at the Great White Throne. All of the people who have ever lived on the earth since the world began will face God either as their Judge or their Father. He wants to be your Father. For those who refuse, He will be their Judge. The only way He can be your Father is if you become His little child.

If we had the proper and right fear of God spoken of in the Bible – we would hate sin. Many of us don’t hate it enough, most don’t hate it at all. The complete lack of hatred in our lives for so much sin, belies the respect and reverence due His Name. Let alone the fear and awe we all owe to His Person. The essential thing to understand about sin is that it is a destroyer. It’s not that people have no ideas of how bad and corrupt sin is, they have a bunch of wrong ones. God does love us in the sense that He is giving us time to become lovable. You have to become His child to make this possible, which is accomplished in Christ.

As a child of God in Christ you are His beloved. As a destroyer, sin would destroy His beloved. God must destroy that which would destroy His beloved. That’s how His wrath is part of His love. Any who refuse to become the children of His love get destroyed along with the sin they love. This is not His will for anyone, but it is the position of all who refuse Christ. They’re already on their way. No one has to make a conscious choice to go to Hell, Hell is something you have to opt out of. Going there is automatic. If you don’t accept the payment for sin made by Jesus, then you have to pay for your sin with your self. That’s the payment.

As adults we’ve become hardened and jaded, losing the sensitivity we had as children. Child likeness and Humility are both something we must put on like clothing, if we want to draw near to the Master or be of any use to Him. Jesus said it, and the word used in the Greek refers to a little child. We live in a godless society that has taught us to perceive ourselves as more complicated, more sophisticated – adult integrated personalities. It is a false position. No, if someone tells you it’s complicated – it just means they are confused, and don’t want to admit it because they lack Humility.

Anyone who really Knows something can explain it simply. The main reason the world likes to complicate things is in order to hide things. You can see it in every facet of society. It is a part of the deception of the Last Days. Complicated sophisticated people will not make it to Heaven. They are slow to give thanks because they are too busy – being complicated.  It is nothing but Pride. Let me tell you something about the Truth. The truth is simple. We must endeavor to keep things simple. Little children are very simple.

Pride is the great sin and Humility is the great virtue. All of us must get better at identifying the pride that is our fallen nature. It is the main opposition to becoming like a child. Pride refuses to say I’m sorry, I love you, or even can you help me. It thinks too much of itself. Little children don’t think about themselves, they just are. There is a word for that, it’s called humility. Humility doesn’t mean thinking poorly about yourself. Humility is just reality. That’s all. We must get better at humility, to become like little children. The Spirit will help us, but we have to be willing.

Another thing about pride is that it’s unthankful. It refuses to give thanks. Being thankful irritates pride. One indicator of how humble we are is seen in how thankful we are. It takes some practice but you can get good at it. Discipline yourself to be thankful. Make yourself practice thanking God for even the little things in your life, every single day. I thank God for toilets that flush, I thank Him for my bed, for the food He gives me everyday, for hot showers. No kidding. Everyone in our ministry does it. Being thankful will completely change you. Having a thankful grateful heart pleases God.

You must come to Him like a child, a little child. If you never did, then He won’t be that much of a reality to you. He will seem more like an Idea. Even once you’ve come in you have to stay childlike to draw near Him. Childlikeness is something you have to put on. Just as praise is something you do because you believe His Word . . . not because you feel like it. The absence of Christ here on the earth is not reality, it is the illusion. When Jesus shows up that’s Reality.

Don’t let your flesh reduce your thanksgiving and praise to a thought or a feeling. Feeling thanks is not expressing thanks. When you’re not saying it, there is a reason. You praise what you’re impressed with, everybody does. Everyone is praising something. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, that’s Bible. People don’t praise God in public because they don’t praise Him in private. When the Lord shows up nothing will be hidden. What’s in you will come out of you. The more you practice thanking God for every good thing in your life, the easier it will be to become like a little child.

I carry my Praise with me. The way someone might carry a wallet or a set of keys, that’s how I carry my Praise. Even if I’m not always saying it, it is always with me – and I say it a lot. Don’t let this be too simple for you now. It is the World and its ways that want to talk you out of the simplicity of Christ. If you are already a child of the Most High God then you’re going to be with God forever. Eternity is a long time. When you realize how long you’re going to be around, it helps you to relax. Let Him increase, and in His increasing you decrease. You become his little child so He can be your big Father.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

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