You Don’t Die

You can glorify God with how you live, and you can glorify God with how you leave. Meaning with how you die. Time passes, things change, no one you know is gonna be around forever – they will die. All of them. You are dying right now, and you will die completely to this life when you pass away. Death is an important part of the process of going back to God. Death is not Termination. People of the world think that way. Believers are not allowed to. Death is not the End – Death is Transition. From this life to the next. The truth is, you don’t Die – your body dies. Your body is not you, it’s just your shell. I didn’t say that – the Bible does.

The Bible tells us that the fear of death makes you subject to bondage. It’s like being in Jail. We’re told that Jesus delivered us from every bit of that. The sin is not when fear and worries come – the sin is when we hold onto them. Christians love to talk about how Jesus died but don’t like to talk about what He did when He died. He went to Hell. The Bible is not shy about it – don’t you be. Talk about what the Bible talks about, and do it unabashedly. Jesus did not Save you from sin and death so you could go back to living for yourself, or saying whatever you want to say – He saved you for Himself.

There are many religions in the world, and not a single one has a messiah who died for his followers, then came back from the dead to bring them with him. Christianity is not a religion it is a Faith, and the only Faith on earth. God requires this Faith of every member to be a true believer. This faith is not in just anything – it’s Faith in Christ. The risen Lord of Glory. If Jesus was not raised from the dead – you should not read your Bible. If Jesus was not raised from the dead – you should not go to Church. If Jesus was not raised from the dead – there is no Salvation.

In dying Jesus conquered death. He died so we wouldn’t have to, not the way the world means it. Lucifer is the purveyor and promoter of the fear of death.  He’s the same one who opposes the God kind of Life that Jesus bought for you and me – when He defeated death. Another name of the enemy is the Deceiver, and he wants to block your receiver . . . from hearing the Truth. This Truth will set you free from the fear of death. But you’ll have to dig deep down inside just to want to be free, from the wrong thinking you’ve known all of your life. It is in our fallen nature to prefer the familiarity of bondage to the uncertainty of faith. Faith requires effort, bondage is easy.

This fear of Death among men is overwhelming. It is the primary opposing force in the hearts and minds of all men – to Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  Fear stops us from believing the Resurrection because we believe in death so much more. We must get over this fear of death or we cannot die in Faith. We must not act shocked when people die – that’s what the Heathen does. For the unbeliever this life is all there is. Not so for the Believer. For us, this life is the illusion and the mistake. The next life, the Eternal life, is the whole reason we’re here. Stay strong in your Faith everyday so when it’s time to go – you’ll leave in Faith. That’s what pleases the Master. Living by faith, then leaving in faith.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry