Men praise you when you do well for yourself. God does not. The highest praise we can hear from the Master is, Well done good and faithful servant.” Being a good servant and being faithful at being a good servant is what pleases Him. It is the prerequisite to becoming a son. Which is what He is really looking for. Jesus is no respecter of persons. What that means is; He never ministered to people in line with who they thought they were or who they said they were, He only ministered in line with who God said they were. He did this with all people at all times.

He spoke to them in line with who they were according to the Word of God, not according to who they were in their own society or culture, or any particular status they may have within it. It is so important to be clear on this or we’ll see everything the wrong way, the world’s way. We are to minister the same way Jesus did. He was and is our example. This world and everything about it is on its way out. We must not Identify with any of it, we are forbidden to. Every thing you can see is the result of a mistake.

It began 6000 years ago in the Garden of Eden with the fall of man, when Adam and Eve sinned against God by following the words of the Devil – instead of keeping the Words of God. They were not led out of Paradise and God’s Blessing  by something they saw or felt – they were led out by something they heard. The one who spoke to them back then is still speaking to men now. The current world and its ways are his kingdom, and he speaks through every facet of it.

So hear me friend. You must make your Election sure right now, before it’s all over. The Bible commands it. Nobody else can do it. It is done only by ensuring that what you Believe lines up with what the Word actually says. Lest the Devil own you body and soul through the good that you thought you were doing. Doing good has value only if it’s done in relation to God. None of us will be rewarded for what we did, we’ll only be rewarded for what we did right.

In our modernity it is often thought that having great wealth makes you a great man, that doing good makes you good, or that heroic deeds makes you a Hero. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Scripture says just the opposite. Only God is good, only God is great. We completely Ignore the goodness of God when we make such claims about ourselves. None of us are good because we say so. He is the only source of all goodness. God will not love any of us because we are good, our goodness comes from Him. God will make us good because He loves us. And all of that is done, in Christ.

It is not our fault that we were born this way. It is entirely our fault if we stay this way. We have been trained all of our lives to think like this, to give credit and place to the wrong things. It is part of our Identity. We are commanded to change it, or die in our sin. Which ends in Hell. Here comes some more change, you ready. Great wealth does not make you great. There is no amount of money that could make a man Great. Money does not make anyone great.

Society and culture say that it does, and the fallen nature agrees, but that thought is a Lie. I said it’s a Lie. Just thinking that way shows how much the world system worships money. It is good to do good things, brag on the good things in your life. But doing good things does not make you good, and most of your bragging should be on God. He is the one who makes people good. He’s the only one who can. Worship God! He’s the only One that’s worthy of it – and He owns all the money. All the goodness that exists comes from Him. We are talking about the God who makes Planets.

Let me straighten you out a little bit more, by tearing at one of the former altars in my own life. Thank God for our military. I come from a military family. Myself and two of my brothers, my dad and his two brothers all served faithfully. But our military is not why we win battles. Honor the firemen and school teachers, respect the police and our judges, be grateful. But they are not why we are safe and prosperous and have so much knowledge. Every good thing in our life comes from God – every good thing. We live in a society that refuses to acknowledge God. It’s not even remotely okay that we think this way.

Nobody is getting to Heaven based on who they were here in this life, or who their father was, nobody. What you did here on earth has nothing to do with where you go when your life down here is over. As someone who was a Navy Diver for many years I can tell you that there are thousands of Navy Divers in Hell – thousands. Many thousands of them are former SEAL team members, which are part of the Navy Divers. Most of the heroes and commanders of heroes from every country for millennia are there, because most people are there.

There are billions of people in Hell – billions! Most of them are what you and I would call good people. Being good or bad has nothing to do with getting to Heaven, nothing. Nobody can work their way to Heaven. It is a free gift from God and can be received only one way – by Faith. Who you put your faith in has a lot to do with who you Identify with. Your true identity should only and always be in Christ. Your whole purpose for being here is to go back to God. If you are a Christian for any other reason you are missing the whole point.

Let me tell you something that will shock the religion right out of you. God has given every man a gift, an ability, a talent, something – to glorify Him. Every man has something. If you did not use what God gave you for His glory – you are His enemy. If the greatest thing you have ever done in your life was not done in relation to what God did through the life of Christ – there is no greatness in the great thing you’ve done. It was done out of your love for something else, but it wasn’t done out of your love for Him. Which is expressed through obedience to His Word.

We know where the bones and tombs of many famous kings and “great” warriors are at, some going back 2000 years and more. All over the world this is true. But you cannot find the bones of Jesus Christ anywhere in the earth. Why couldn’t they find His body in the grave. Because He is in His body, right now. You just cannot see it yet, but you will. To insist that God explain it to you, that He win your understanding, that He press for your agreement, that you approve of His Plan before you Believe it – is absolutely Faithless. And it is impossible to please Him without Faith. There will not be a single person in Heaven that does not please Him. Not one. If you are in Christ, He is pleased with you. Stay in Christ, and He will still be pleased with you – when He shows up.

Every eye will see, every tongue will confess, every knee will bow. It’s good to bow now. Every person who has ever lived will see Him. Whether that will be good or bad depends entirely upon the source of their goodness. Are you good because of what you have to say about your Self, or are you good and faithful because He says so. What God has to say about every man is the only thing that will matter on Judgment Day. What any man has to say during his short life on God’s green earth has any value at all, only as it relates to God and who He is. What do you have to say about God right now. His mercy to us was time, and now the time is up.

Navy Bomb Squad RIMPAC War Games Pacific Fleet summer '94 Pearl Harbor

Navy Bomb Squad RIMPAC War Games Pacific Fleet summer ’94 Pearl Harbor

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Spirit Led

An idea is not Direction. A feeling is not a Leading. The Holy Spirit doesn’t Lead you with feelings. When the Spirit leads you it’s with an unction, a quickening – in your spirit, not your thought life. That running conversation in your head – that is your thought life. It is completely different from the Voice of the Spirit, who speaks to you in your spirit not your head. If you are taking direction from your Head – you’re being Head Led. That is not God. The first thing you have to get right is the geography of the Inner Man, which is your Soul and your Spirit. They are different in themselves and  they do different things.

Your spirit is your conscience, the part of you that knows right from wrong, and good from evil. It is the part of each one of us that is most like God, for the Bible tells us that God is Spirit. We are made in His Image. You don’t have a spirit, you are a spirit – just like God. It’s important to be very clear about this difference between soul and spirit. They are both part of your Inner Man but they are not the same thing.

There are completely different words for soul and spirit throughout the entire Bible, in both Hebrew and Greek. There are completely different words in English as well, we’ve simply been trained for centuries to ignore the differences. It has cost the church dearly. Your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions. None of them are Saved, they must be renewed daily with the Word. You can change your mind any time you choose to because you have free will. It is the way God made you. God gave us emotions, He has them Himself. But they are never supposed to Lead us.

The brain is the organ of expression of the Soul and is directly tied to all the places where you emote, relate and interact with the physical world. It is the place they are physically managed from – but your brain is not your Mind. Your mind is part of your soul, which is part of the Spirit Realm. Your mind in the spiritual realm expresses itself through the organ of your brain in the physical realm. You could remove your brain and it would not affect your mind at all. You would simply be unable to express yourself in the physical world. In a very real sense your soul would be your output if you thought of it in computer terms. Well your computer isn’t broke just because your monitor isn’t working.

Your spirit is not seated or centered in your head, it is seated in your bowels. Which is your stomach along with the intestines, and are the organ of  absorption. The place where the very substance that allows you to keep living is taken into your Body. That’s why the Bible says to “Guard your Heart (your spirit) with all diligence, for out of it proceed the Issues of Life.” Another word for your spirit is what many of us in Ministry call your seemer. As it is the place where things seem right or seem wrong. It is also called your knower, because it is where you Know all things.

If you yield to your feelings, to your thoughts, or to your wants – you will not walk in the Spirit. What you yield to determines the kind of Fruit you produce. If you can say I think, I feel or I want – you’re being soulical. Which is not being spiritual. You think inside your head (your thinker) and you know in your Spirit (your knower). That is actually the best way to describe most of the Leading that comes from the Holy Spirit most of the time – it is a Knowing.

But when you’re looking (or listening) inside yourself, don’t aim at your head – aim at your belly. It takes a little practice to get good at, but anybody who is Willing to know His Will can get good at it. Don’t fool yourself, everyone is being led by spirits. Only those who are Led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Get in the Spirit first thing in the morning, and Be getting back in the Spirit throughout the rest of your day. Then you’ll stay in and be led by, the Spirit of God.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Casting Down Imaginations


You do not have the right to say you belong to Jesus but you don’t belong to the Church. The true Church is the Body of Christ. You have to get Fed somewhere, and you don’t get to pick and choose. Don’t treat His Body like it’s some sort of buffet or supermarket, it’s not like that. Jesus is a King. Not a commodity.

If you’re under the King you’re not part of a democracy, you’re part of His Kingdom. He has already ordained the people and places where His Body gets fed in His Kingdom. The various parts are where He puts them, not where they put themselves. This is a real living Body, not some children’s game.

His Spirit will lead you to, and confirm who and where you’re supposed to be joined, but you have to learn how to listen. Everybody has to learn. Most people refuse to, including most believers – they don’t want to. They’d rather have it their way, not do what He say. It’s too difficult . . . for their Flesh.

God has certain things He will only get to you through Ministers in the 5 different Offices of ministry. People chosen by Him. They are there expressly for the reason and purpose of Authority, which you must get up under. Your Flesh will avoid this at all costs. It hates being told what to do. If you don’t kill your Flesh, it will kill you.

This hatred of authority and the rebellious nature that birthed it, came with the Fall of Man. Authority is the very thing that was rebelled against, and the thing that must be submitted to. The fallen nature of our Flesh will not do it, it is Incapable. That’s what the Cross is for, to crucify your Flesh. Jesus said to carry it. It does burn your carnality, but you can burn now . . . or burn later.

The Bible speaks of Imaginations that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God. We are commanded to cast them down. Well where are these Imaginations at. They’re not just in demons and the atmosphere, they’re in everything that is Fallen. These wrong hateful rebellious Imaginations are in us.

When we Fell we became like the one who made us Fall. Accepting what Christ did changes the core part of our Inside, but it doesn’t change us entirely. That gets done through a process of belief and obedience called Faith. Which is our personal job to walk out. Not something to agree with.

It is entirely our job to identify these wrong heart postures and wrong ways of thinking within ourselves. No one else will or can possibly do it for you. God set it up that way. We have to choose. Choose to believe, choose to read the Bible, choose to obey it and therefore Him. Choose to stay. He only wants those who stay.

Choose to submit ourselves to His Will every day. Which is expressed through His Word, His Spirit and His Ministers. And they all agree. You know how we can tell – they all say the same things. If we all don’t learn to say the same things, it’s because we don’t Agree. We wanted something more than we wanted Him. We were all born into disagreement, we must put ourselves into Agreement – through Submission. There is not some other way.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Love Not The World

The good of mankind is not to be found on this earth. Don’t you listen to the liberals and the secular humanists – all of them hate God! They hate Him. They want nothing to do with His Law, they have no intention of making Jesus their King. They can’t stand the thought of God being the Judge of right and wrong. The very idea of it is an abomination to them.

Since the end of the Victorian era a little over a century ago, all of the new ideologies of psychology, sociology and modern philosophy have bombarded first world society with a never ending barrage of worldliness and carnality. We’ve gone from almost all people going to Church and truly believing in God on some level, to most in the modern age not going to church at all, with some of them kind of believing in God a little.

These modern people are very different than the people who came before them. They are self centered, self promoting and filled with the love of Self foretold in the Scripture for the Last Days, written nearly two thousand years ago. Now we are at the pinnacle of their impact on the thoughts and attitudes of the people, and for the first time – their numbers are in the majority. Churchgoer or not.

They love Babylon, they love Sin, and they love having their own will with what they perceive to be their own life. Pray for them, be a witness – but don’t try to get them to like you. Jesus never did that. Never. He just walked in Love, and many liked it. Some did not. What He always did was to speak the Truth wherever He went.

Those who loved the Truth came in, and those who did not love the Truth stayed out – or opposed Him. If they hated Him, they will hate you. Don’t be troubled by it. If you live for God He promises that He’ll trouble those who trouble you. But it’s never our job to get back at those who’ve hurt us. Even though at times the desire to do so will be overwhelming.

Vengeance belongs to the Lord. That’s His business, and He’ll see to it. You just let His Light in you shine through you. If you’ll just stay filled with the Word and stay in the Spirit, everyday – you’ll do more for God’s Kingdom than most have done in a lifetime of their own best efforts with many resources and much money. Be a light by staying in the Light. God will take care of the rest.

Brother Greg

Full Grown Ministry


In all the earth there is a land where God decided to start His plan, to bring man back to Himself. The land is Israel. In that land there is a city, Jerusalem. In that city there is a mountain, Mount Moriah. Also known as the Temple Mount. And on that mountain there is a rock. A rock called the Foundation Stone. The most contested piece of land on earth. It is the very rock where Abraham offered his son Isaac to God, and in so doing, allowed God to offer His Son back in return, to complete the covenant between them.

This was God’s way back in, to a world system He had been locked out of. Ever since His kids gave the keys of authority to a fallen angel. He had a plan to get it all back, but it had to be done legally. God will not violate His Word, even if it’s to the Devil. According to both Hebrew and Sinai tradition, it is the same rock where God formed Adam. There now sits a muslim shrine called the Dome of the Rock over the site, which is next to the al-Aqsa mosque. They are in the same compound and are often confused, but they are separate buildings. The mosque was a Christian Church for centuries before Islam was even invented, and the Foundation Stone is the very reason Solomon’s Temple was built where it was, almost 3000 years ago.

The muslims hijacked them both back when their religion was just getting started. Even though it was in Judea, and had been the most holy site in Judaism for thousands of years. That’s alright, the Antichrist will force them to give it up very shortly. There are already plans in the works in Israel to rebuild a Temple right there. It was the first Adam who brought sin into Man, the second Adam bought Man out of sin. The second Adam was Jesus. At the foot of the Mount of Olives is a garden called Gethsemane. The name means place of pressing, and it is the place where Jesus was pressed by his own desires and his own will to get out of dying for a corrupt and fallen world. So that man had a way back to God. He resisted to the point of blood coming out his pores. But in the end, He said to His Father, “never the less not my will be done, but thy will be done.” And in so doing, became God’s answer.

All over the earth there are many charitable and humanitarian organizations attempting to solve the problem of world hunger. Sociologists and psychologists searching for something to modify human behavior. Corrupt nations and their leaders promising peace or wealth, through crooked deals they never intend to keep. Ecoterrorists and animal rights bullies wishing they could force their agenda on those whose choices are different from their own. All of them are spiritual criminals. Every sin is a spiritual crime. The number one killer of all of mankind throughout all of history is Sin. Not something else. Men don’t have the answer, man in his fallen state is the problem. God is the only One who could possibly give the answer, and He’s already given it.

The answer to all those problems is the same answer to all that sin. His name is Jesus!  The problems have already been solved, the answer has been provided.  People just don’t like the answer so they reject Him. Those who refuse the only way out are seeking another. The whole world is searching, but they won’t like what they find. Every man woman and child born into this world system is born into the spiritual condition of Sin and Death. It is in every way as inescapable as your own parents having come before you. The first man and woman were the parents of us all. They were the ones given the authority by God over the entire planet and every creature on it. You and I were not, we weren’t there.

Just as you were not there when your parents were born. You did not get to choose who they were or what they left you, or even where you were born. You had nothing to say about it. Time did not come out of nowhere, time came from God. Time has been given to all men by portion. God did this so that all who would come back to Him, do come back. They have been given time to do this, as it does not exist in Heaven. All of our decisions only and always affect the present moment. Which is the only time we have been given.

In the future all present moments become part of the past, which is actually a record kept in Heaven. It will be opened on Judgment Day, and every single thing you have ever done or not done will be Judged. Even the things you thought were hidden, the things no one could see. The very intentions and thoughts of your heart will be laid bare, and Judged. Everyone will know, and everyone will see. For many, it won’t be pretty. You cannot change what happened before you got here, or the most certain fact that it will all be Judged. But you can decide to stay in what happened before you got here.

Our decisions are incapable of changing the past. Only God can do that. What we have been given is the choice to make a decision, or not to. In relation to time it can only be done one place and nowhere else. It can only be done in the present. You do not have the future and you cannot claim it. He has not given it to you. Many have tried but they all died.

What you have is the portion you’ve been given. We’ll call it a day to keep it simple, as that is what the Bible calls it. The decision itself also has a name in the Bible, it is called repentance. It is actually described as a gift, and is exactly one half of the gospel Jesus preached. The other half is the Kingdom of God. You have to repent of your sin just to get into His Kingdom. It is the only way in. Repentance is the way out of sin and repentance is the way back to God.

The sinful state we were born into is not our fault, but the choice to sin or not to, is an act of the will. Sin is a decision. Just as salvation is a decision. What we are salvaged from is the shipwreck that sin has made of this current world system. Which will all be destroyed. Along with those who choose sin over salvation.  Because God is holy and nothing like sin or us in our sinful state, His Law requires payment for sin. Since sin is an act of the will contained within a living body, the payment God requires is the blood in that body. As the life of the body is in the blood.

That’s what Christ did for us, and that’s what God offers us. A payment that you owed because you chose to sin, made by a friend who chose not to sin – which is the only thing that made His payment acceptable. Jesus did it because God wanted him to. He was tempted to sin in every way that we are, and He was tempted as a man. Jesus was a man, remember. God cannot be tempted. Yes Christ is divine, the Son of God, and the fulness of the God head in bodily form, but the Bible says he set all that aside when he became a man. He had to, it was man He was bringing back.

Jesus did not come into existence 2000 years ago in Palestine, that’s when He came down from where He already existed – to become a man. To fulfill the legal requirements of a God who has nothing to do with sin, so the rest of us could get in. In on this eternal life thing. He has always existed with God from the beginning. Don’t try to figure it all out, there’s a ton of things in the Spiritual Realm you have no clue about. This is just a little bit leaked from the other side. You must always remember that God’s passion is not that you understand Him, His passion is that you believe Him. He wants to reveal Himself to you, but He doesn’t reveal Himself to people who don’t believe Him.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they left their place with God through the spiritual door of Unbelief and Disobedience. To get back to God each of us must go back to Him through the door of Belief and Obedience. Otherwise we are left here in our own sin living under the curse, awaiting destruction. Of our own free will. God will not make you come to Him, you have to want to. It is and must be entirely our own decision. Sin had to be dealt with just to make it possible for us to come back, so Jesus took care of that.  Jesus is God’s answer to Sin. We all must respond, or not. All have been invited to come back, but few have come in. I am so very thankful that I could, and so very glad that I did.

The people who get used by God to expand His Kingdom are not the great and the good in the world’s eyes. They are the people who valued the invitation. Jesus spoke of many who were Invited, but all of them had different excuses for not coming. They had other things to do. How about you. Do you value the invitation. Do you like the answer. I love the Answer. I Love Jesus. Religion has created a jesus that the Bible doesn’t recognize, so I don’t mean that one.

I mean the One and only Son of the Most High, the Son of God. The Prince of Peace and King of the Universe who never did any wrong, yet laid down His life so I wouldn’t have to. He was raised from the dead so I could be too. After going to Hell in my stead, taking back the authority from the Devil, which he stole from God’s kids. Jesus didn’t want to go through it, but He did it anyway. To please His Father. If you come in, He’s your Father too. My Christianity is my response to what Jesus did on the Cross. He is now and always will be, my Hero.

Foundation Stone inside Dome of the Rock

Foundation Stone inside Dome of the Rock shrine

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry