The Fall Of World Religion (part II)

Mormons are not some higher form of Christians as they think themselves. They are followers of a dead man named Joseph Smith who was murdered by a mob of his own followers and whose own parents described in detail what a deceiver he was. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a witness for Jehovah, they’re followers of a convicted perjurer named Charles Taze Russell. The modern ones try to distance themselves from their founder, but it’s all a Lie. Like the Mormons they have written their own bible, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Holy Bible of Christianity. Their version the New World Translation is an absolute fabrication. Stay away from it.

Calling them Russellites [as I do] would not only be more accurate, it would be telling the absolute truth! Christian Science isn’t the scientific branch of Christianity, there isn’t one. They’re followers of a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, who like so many cult leaders was an apostate of Christianity, not an Apostle of the Faith. I’m moving fast here so don’t get lost. Scientologists aren’t a blend of religious mixologists living in some colony on South Beach who delved into science in their spare time, like some upstanding bartenders who became religious investigators to lead people to the truth at the bottom of a new cocktail (sound silly – so is the religion).

They’re followers of a foolish old science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard, who before his death, publicly confessed to his scam. He wasn’t just a pretender, he was a bad pretender. Talk about a cheezy B movie. And now some professional pretenders in Hollywood can’t get enough of him. When you die, you go where your god is. You follow him after death the same way you followed him before it. There is no Allah or Buddha or Krishna. They are all pretend. None of them came from God and none of them went back to Him. You have to go through Christ and only Christ to get to Heaven. It is not an argument, the Bible is the Instruction Manual. It is not a plea for your agreement it is terms for your surrender. You either followed the Instructions or you did not.

Catholics aren’t followers of Christ, most don’t even know Him. Because they don’t know His Word. They are followers of a man called the pope who [along with the institution he heads], pretends he has the power to let them in or keep them out of Heaven. Which hardly qualifies as a really bad joke. Until about 50 or 60 years ago they were called papists, because he is the one they followed. His title[s] pope sounds oddly unchristian because it isn’t Christian at all, and is not in the Bible. Neither are the others, Pontifex Maximus or Vicar of Christ. Jesus did not call anybody these things at any time.  These men call themselves these things.

Mary isn’t the Mother of God, it’s blasphemy just to say such a thing. God doesn’t have a mother, or don’t you read the Bible. This Queen of Heaven she’s been made into and the image of mother and child were taken directly from the Cult of Babylon. Their addition to Christianity did not improve it, they Corrupted it. The hybrid that Catholicism made out of  it is a complete perversion. Mary was a teenage virgin Hebrew girl like many of her day, that God Almighty chose to use as a vessel to bring forth the physical body that His Son would use when He became a man 2000 years ago in Palestine. We honor her just as we honor all believers who came before us and did their part, but she has absolutely no Divinity whatsoever. Except the access to Divinity that we are all offered in Christ – if we Obey Him.

You can’t just make stuff up as you go and call yourself Christian, nobody can. Christians believe what the Christ said. Believers believe the Bible. If you don’t believe the Bible you are not a Believer. You might as well join the gay church or the church of Satan, they have much more in common with each other than anything to do with Christianity. Error is error, and God has one answer for all of it. A very hot fire. But no one has to go there, unless they insist upon it.

The pope isn’t a successor of the Apostle Peter, but of the Roman Emperors morphed into religious authority. The emperor just changed clothes, that’s all. Nuns didn’t come out of any part of Christianity, they don’t even exist there. They are a continuation [ideologically] of the Vestal Virgins of the Roman Empire, pure paganism. Born out of Babylon. It’s exactly the same with the celibate Priesthood living as monks while forcing their sex on each other and the children of their followers. The priests of the Babylonian cult had everyone confess their sins to them so they could know what was going on in the village, and better control or influence events. Direct predecessors of the cult of Catholicism.

None of that has anything at all to do with Biblical Christianity, none of it. It is to be found nowhere in Judaism or the Christianity that fulfilled all the prophecies of Judaism. Such things don’t even exist in the Scripture. Yes they can [and do] take fragments of Scripture out of context, and like all religious people twist them to their own ends. The Bible itself speaks of people doing this very thing 2000 years ago. Anyone could make any book say anything they wanted by doing that. We look at Scripture in the Light of other Scripture, remember. That’s the key to a proper understanding. You have to both look at it [in the micro] and take it as a whole [in the macro] because the whole thing is saying something. God has been saying for a long time. Nothing in the earth is more important than what God is saying. Right now.

to be continued-

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry