The Coming Storm

The Bible says if you will separate yourself from Sin, the Devil cannot touch you.  Sin is his territory.  As soon as you sin he has access to you.  If bad things are going on, if trouble has come to a nation or a person, it is because of sin.  There is a reason it happens, but it is not all God.  If good is happening, it is because a person or a nation is keeping themselves from sin. There are always reasons, but they are not always good and they are not all God’s reasons.  The way of the world is sin.  The way of the Lord is holy.  There is no place in existence where what is sin and what is holy dwell together.  Sin is what we do away from God as holy is how we are with God.

Sin separates us from God the same way the Word separates us from sin. The more junk food you feed your soul, the more you defile yourself.  Watching stuff you should not watch, hearing things you should not hear, thinking on and talking about things you should not be.  None of these things add to you they take from you, they defile you.  Defilement dulls you.  God wants you for Himself, and He will not tolerate rivals.  We give ourselves over to too many things and we do it far too easily.  We have allowed our lives to become too complicated.  It is entirely our fault.  Not that we were born this way, but if we decide to stay this way.  God has given us help but He will not make us take the help He has offered.  We must choose.

A part of that help can be called the rules of the road for spirits who live together.  For men are spirits just like the Spirit in whose image we were made.  God is Spirit, and the Bible says so. These rules in our world are called morality.  I will explain what it is by paraphrasing what I’ve learned from a wiser man than myself, C.S. Lewis.  That great teacher of basic Christianity.  Do not be surprised to see Christian preachers and teachers borrow from each other, we all do. Every member of His Body has things which are unique to the body part that it is, as well as things that are common to the whole body.  All of it has been given by Christ, it belongs to Him. No one can claim any peculiar genius or some great talent.  Christ is the source of all goodness in men, including the goodness of morality.  Which is more than just our tendency toward goodness and rightness.  Morality is the sense of ought – what you should do.

Morality then is the knowing in our inner man what the outer man should do regardless of how he feels about it.  It cannot be seen from the outside it is something inside of you.  Remember that our spirit is the seat of our conscience, which is where we inherently know what is right from what is wrong.  God put it there, He made it that way.  All men have it whether they deny it by overriding it, or acknowledge it by yielding to it.  You can choose to live in spiritual darkness or spiritual light.  For our own conscience and morality that comes from it, are something we must yield to.  It is our own moral choices that separate those that love truth from the ones who do not.  God set it up as part of His filtering process.  In the spiritual realm this separation is called holiness.  Holiness is not popular, but it is simple.  Holiness is a decision.  It separates us from the world.  You must decide to separate yourself.  You will need it for what’s coming.

If you are filled with soap operas or football, concern for your investments or frustration with your love life – that is exactly what will come out of you when it all hits the fan. It is a Spiritual Law: what is in you comes out of you.  In good times and bad.  Out of what is stored up in your heart, your mouth will speak.  This is how we are to separate ourselves – in what we Say and what we Do.  The way we live our lives.  Those that will not separate themselves to Him here in this world, will finally be separated from Him there in the next.  Forever.  But you and I can be among those that go with Him.  Meditate on the Word, practice the presence of God, keep your faith strong, stay in the Spirit.  When everyone else is freaking out, you will be in perfect Peace.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

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That Which Makes You Stumble

One of the most tormenting things in life is not knowing. Not knowing God’s will for your life, not knowing what He expects of you today. This not knowing is darkness, and there are entirely too many christians walking in too much darkness. You can actually only stumble in darkness, just as you can only walk in the Light. Both of them are spiritual. All people are born into it, but it is not God’s will that any remain in it.

You can shake hands and shuffle and wheel and deal, wake up early and stay up late. You can earn a hundred fortunes, and make your name great.  Own big factories and spacious houses in many different lands.  You can literally gain the whole world, but if you lose your soul – what have you got.  Trying to make themselves rich causes many to stumble.

Instead of drawing close to God, they try to secure their financial future. Get themselves a nest egg. Trying to provide for ourselves and meet our own needs is a kind of darkness in the spiritual realm. The Bible calls it Unbelief. God is our provider, including the provider of your job and your future. Only for those who involve Him in their decisions.

There are so many who are stumbling from some sort of offense or unforgiveness. Others are just mad. Mad at some family member, mad at the Preacher, mad at God – it’s everybody’s fault but their own. That is a lie. Anytime we’re in darkness it is entirely our fault. It does not matter what else was going on that did not come from God, He was always dealing with us in the midst of our trials.

God has showed us some things in our spirit, and we are just not doing them. How much we esteem the little things He has already given determines if we’ll get more. More little things.  He is never going to sit down and show you the whole thing. That whole idea comes out of thinking you are God, which is part of our fallen nature. God has a Kingdom and it must replace your kingdom.

We’ve all made mistakes, but if you want to get out of the rut you’re in spiritually, mentally, maritally, financially, in your relationships – wherever. Then you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Go back to the last thing God told you to do, and do it. It will probably be a little thing, and  unattractive to your flesh, while seemingly unrelated to what you want. Yet it is the key to your freedom.

We have to pass tests to come up higher. Or we can stay in the ditch we’ve fallen into. He’s not going to help you out of it to go back to doing what you want.  His help is only given to help you do what He tells you. Doing both the last thing He told you and everything He tells you is part of the test. Do that and you will get some more light. Which will only take you to the next step. The whole process is meant to wear your flesh down while building your faith up. But we must submit ourselves to the process.

It’s easier just to quit. It takes effort to believe God and keep believing God. Especially when others are quitting all around you. You don’t see His promises coming to pass, it gets worse, and time goes on, and you still don’t see it. It’s so much easier just to give up, and water down the Word to match your experience. Instead of sticking to it until your experiences line up with the Word. It’s not enough to believe God. You have to believe God until.

Paul declared something about all the circumstantial things that happened to him and around him, good or bad. He said – “these things don’t move me.” You have to be the same way. Don’t follow how you feel about the promises of God. In that sense your feelings are meant to distract you from what God has for you. They are part of your fallen nature, and He does not lead anyone through that. Ever.

Follow His promises, not how you feel about them. God cannot get through to you if you’re caught up in the fog created by spirits working behind what you can see and feel. The whole reason they come is to get you to follow them, but they are not from God. Jesus warned us that many would be deceived, and to watch out for all the false in these Last Days.

Patience has been so misunderstood, it’s gotten a bad wrap. Patience is highly desirable and most essential – to just Finishing. Like so many words in the Bible it has a very negative connotation. Patience is not an option. All the promises of God come through Faith and Patience. We must desire patience, or at least be willing to learn to desire it. Brother Copeland calls faith and patience the power twins, and that’s exactly what they are.

Our first step in coming back to God was a promise to change. Well what has to change. Anywhere, anywhere at all where what you believe right now does not line up with the Word of God, right now. Long after you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior, got Baptized in the Holy Spirit, read your Bible, praised and prayed every day – you’re still gonna have to spend a lot of time not sinning and waiting on God to bring His Promises to pass in the earth. He does it that way on purpose. It proves that you mean it, and He only wants those who mean it.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

The Unimportance of Things

Materialism is the attempt to solve a Spiritual need with something Physical.  This cannot be done, and even the attempt will bring you nothing but strife, grief and frustration.  A whole lot of suffering for things that turn to dust.  Things are good. God likes things, He made them, He wants us to have them.  But they cannot be too important to us.  This penchant for loving things instead of loving what He has told us to love is not a simple misplacement of our innocent affections.  We are much more responsible than that. We are not innocent of anything.  The Age of Innocence is what we departed from as a people when man fell from God’s Grace.  As fallen men we are born into guilt and a corrupt system, which has taught us to love things instead of loving Him.

It’s not just that the material things of this world have no value in the next world, most of them do not exist.  The things here are meant only for our temporary use or pleasure and are nothing more than shapes of much better things to come.  This life is a proving ground, not our eternity. We are created to live at much higher levels than the low level living we have grown accustomed to.  In our limited state we are not even capable of comprehending what God has prepared for those who love Him.  One thing we know for sure is that everything He has for us is good, and His plans for us are eternal.  These good things that last forever are only for those who are willing to learn the proper placement of their highest affections here and now.

Break yourself of the habit of saying I love my car, my house, that restaurant – or any other thing.  Love is too strong a word for things.  Say that you enjoy them or that you like them.  You do not have that much love in you, nobody does.  A clear lack of understanding of the Biblical meaning of love is demonstrated when the word is used that way.  It is not what we mean or even think we mean that will set the standard when we are Judged.  God has already set the standard.  He says the Word is what will Judge us.  Using our words in a way that is contrary to the way we are commanded in the Bible is what will be Judged.

Real love is precious and you only have a limited amount.  What that means is every time we claim we love anything beyond the limitations He has already set on our ability to love, we speak falsely.  In doing so we are not simply using incorrect grammar, we are stacking up Judgment.  Our words are one of the main things that will be Judged.  God has given man the capacity to love Him and to love people.  We do not do the first, and are often weak at the second.  So we love things instead.  Enjoy things, appreciate them, be glad that you have them, and be glad to give them.  But do not love them.  Loving things will cost you, and you don’t want it to do that.

When Jesus comes back if any of your things are important to you, any of them – you will not be going with Him.  You will be staying with your things.  It is in the Bible!  We are warned to remember Lot’s wife.  How during a time of Judgment, while Sodom was being destroyed and she was being rescued, she looked back to what was most precious to her.  It was her things and her home and the life she knew in Sodom that was more precious to her than her own Divine deliverance in the midst of destruction.  As a result she was turned to stone.

In Scripture, the person on the housetop and the one in the field were both warned not to go back and get things. The things themselves are not spiritual but the value we place on them is. Yet the condition of our heart is spiritual, so we will not be able to hide it.  What is in you will come out of you like toast popping up from a toaster, when God shows up.  When the Lord of all creation reveals Himself for every eye to see, it will be impossible to be anything other than exactly what you are.  Not what you thought you were, what you really are and always have been.  With Him or against Him.  When He is revealed the real you will be revealed.  All the things will be destroyed.  That is why it is essential not to be attached to any of your things.  Seriously.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry