Is The Bible Valid.

The most popular Book in the history of the world, and the number one best seller of all time up until 1988 was the King James Bible.  Which was then surpassed by another translation the NIV – which has been the bestseller ever since.  Our society used to be a well read one, at least the majority of it was.  As it was required in school and in most employment.  Avid readers have now become a rarity.

There are so many things that you don’t know about history if you don’t read, and the validation of it in any context.  For example, the words of most students who attack the Bible or faith with the words of their liberal professors belie an absence of any understanding of the way we gather and retain knowledge. In other words, they are completely devoid of experiential knowledge or personal understanding, but are filled with the opinions of others which they mistakenly regard as fact.  In relation to Eternity, this is so very dangerous.

Almost every historical statement made is believed by all of us not because we can prove it – but because trustworthy people told us so.  In other words it is believed on Authority.  If people (like yourself) jabbed at the rest of history the way they do the Bible, one would have to be content to believe nothing at all.  Secular scholars and historians are willing to concede the genuineness and authenticity of any writing if there are as many as 10 copies of the original to be found.  On this basis alone the Bible can be proven genuine and authentic thousands of times over.

Until the mid 20th century the Bible was used as the sole source by every archeologist to uncover multiple cities and historical sites all over the ancient world.  The knowledge of it was both a requirement and part of their classical training.  The fact that so many don’t know this is how things were always done is hurting them right now, not increasing their understanding.  The Bible is now and has always been a historical document.  There has never been a time when it was not.  What most who doubt speak from today is the age of skepticism the modern era has brought us into, and the millions of Unbelievers birthed by it.  Not anything to do with the Bible or its validity.

I have been in Ministry for more than 30 years now, have traveled the world, and consider myself a student of history.  Yet none of these things are responsible for or alter the truth even a little.  It is all independently verifiable by anyone who cares to make the effort and take the time.  No event in ancient history can produce more than a fraction of the evidence by which the Bible in its entirety is sustained as genuine and authentic.  For those who believe something other than what God says, what you mean is you simply choose not to believe the Bible.  In both the Bible and Christianity that’s all Believing is . . . a Choice.

There are some in choosing not to believe the Bible – choose to believe say, that we came from monkeys.  For which there is not even the slightest proof – anywhere in the world.  At all.  Go ask any museum or university to show you a single skull or skeleton – a real one.  They cannot and will not because they don’t exist.  If such a thing had ever occurred there would be at least a few million in the fossil record.  Yet there is not a single one in existence.  How funny.  Yet millions of fools believe by choice the ramblings of a fool.  That takes a lot more faith than I have – and I live in the miraculous.  Because of what is written in the Bible.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

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