Everything Happens For A Reason

What I’m about to say is not popular but it is most needful. If you love the Truth then you need to add this to what you already know. Without a love for the Truth you won’t make it out in the first Departure – you’ll have to wait and go later. The wait will not be pleasant.

In our particular generation there exists a body of popular knowledge that is a mix of the secular and the sacred both believed in and spoken by many who profess themselves Christians. We’ll just call it christianese, or at least a part of it, as the term has been around for awhile. There is a substantial amount of this very modern motivational wisdom, but it is not Biblical – at all. Here’s one of the more well known lines.

Everything happens for a Reason. It’s almost never said when something good happens but only when something bad or uncertain happens. When something bad happens and you say everything happens for a reason – what you’re saying is that you believe God is in charge of everything, that He’s behind everything that happens. This is simply Not true. It is against all Scripture.

There are 2 completely different kingdoms, and the Bible says so. One is Good and the other is Bad. The Bad one used to be part of the Good, but of it’s own free will – perverted itself. It does not possess and cannot create anything on its own except the perversion that it chose, and now perverts everything under its Authority – which was given to it by Adam and Eve when they sinned. An authority over the world and it’s system. That’s why one of Lucifer’s names in the Bible is the god of this world.

At the very beginning in the book of Genesis we see the entrance of the second kingdom and it’s king, who is actually a Fallen Angel. With the very end of the Bible in the book of Revelation we see the destruction of this kingdom and it’s king – and the return of THE KING and His Kingdom. It is not Dualism! That is 2 equal opposite powers that have existed forever and Need each other to exist.

Dualism is not Christianity, it is a perversion of it. In Christianity, evil is not the opposite of good but a parasite of it. Evil needs good just to exist, but good does not need evil at all. In Christianity darkness is not the opposite of light, darkness is the absence of light. You must get ahold of this, or you’ll Judge everything you’re supposed to judge, wrongly. Including your own culpability.

This is why you can’t say or believe everything happens for a Reason the way it is meant in the modern Religious sense. Don’t forget God is not religious – man is Religious. Very religious. God never told anybody to be religious or to live by Religion – no such thing is anywhere in the Bible. He told us to live by Faith, to build up our Faith, and that without Faith – you cannot please Him. Don’t be a religious person – be a person of Faith.

No use quoting all the Old Testament verses that say God did this or that [bad] thing – in the original Hebrew the entire Old Covenant was written in the Permissive tense not the Causitive, and everybody who’s been properly trained knows it. And No, allowing us to choose one thing over another (essential for free will) does not in any way mean that He condones our choice.

God does not approve of everything we do any more than you approve everything your children or students or employees do. That’s what Judgment Day is all about, but people don’t like that. So they pretend. They pretend they don’t know, or that they’re not sinning, or there is no Judgment. Pretending is a form of self deception, and all of it is coming to an end very soon.

What we really mean when we say that everything happens for a reason is that He is getting us back for something wrong we did earlier in our life, and is just another way of saying that you are paying for your Sin. A very Religious route but not a Biblical one – and it means that Jesus died for nothing! There is some ignorance in such a belief, but it’s mostly pride. Pride believes lies. It’s also Unbelief because it believes something other than what God has already said about it.

Religion wants to believe it’s paying for it’s own Salvation, that it’s working it’s way to Heaven – and that if it has to pay enough, if the course it’s traveling is difficult enough . . . it’ll make it. That’s a Lie. Either the completed work of Christ on the Cross is enough to pay for your Sin and He has something better for you than this world system, or everything happens for a reason. But they cannot both be true. You must choose which is True for you, and the wise man will only let God be True.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


2 thoughts on “Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. Francis says:

    I like your work, or in better words…I love the work of God, Who works His work thru you. I want to thank you for being you, and that you gave your life to Him.

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