Absence of God

It’s not as though these other religions are preaching different versions of the same thing, and Christians have become resentful and afraid of losing their preeminence – not even remotely. I would not even be religious if that were the case. I would just be a sinner, and I’d be good at it. At one time I was, for many years. But I was never religious. Religion is so common in the world. Faith is not. Don’t confuse the two, they are not related.

Only true Christianity has true Faith. Most who consider themselves believers are not part of true Christianity, they are part of religious christianity. Which is not Christianity at all. It is pretend and phony. That’s why it has no power. The power is in the anointing. Everyone has access to it, but it can only be accessed the way God has established it to be accessed. And no other. Christ is not Jesus’ last name. It is the Greek word for the Hebrew word Meshiac [Messiah], which means the Anointed One and or His Anointing. The second meaning the Anointing that goes where He puts it. Which is upon those He has authorized to speak for Him.

Jesus was chosen by God and authorized to say and do everything He said and did. And He had the anointing to back both it and Himself up. He walked on the water because He had the anointing, He raised the dead because He had the anointing, He cast out the demons and fed the thousands with a handful . . . because of the anointing. Not because He is the Son of God. He was already that before He came down here. He came [as a man] to show us [men] how this becoming a Son of God was done [by a man] so we [men] could start doing it ourselves in His Name by following His example. The Bible is very specific on what that example is. That specific example is itself the narrow way, and few travel on it.

Your life depends on you personally getting a hold of why He became a man. The reason He became a man was to bring you to the Inside because you were born on the Outside. He did not do this just so we could agree with what He did and then keep doing our own thing, like we did before He came or before we came to Him. That’s all getting saved is if what you did was say a prayer without realizing you just signed a contract [in the Spirit realm]. That’s what a covenant is, a contract. Except this one is written in blood.

Every true believer has a level of the anointing, and certain things will follow that to prove it. The Scripture says so. But there is even greater anointing in and under the Ministry that every single believer is supposed to be a part of. Ephesians 4 and Romans 10 lay this out clearly. Read them in several translations. Relatively few percentage wise are Called to ministry. Everyone is commanded to get up under the authority of those who are Called. But they cannot make you. God wants everyone to be saved, but Jesus only dealt with those who followed. God will not force Christianity on anyone. Not even those who call themselves by His Name.

With your words you signed a contract. A contract to change and keep changing, until you are just like Jesus. Which of course, you cannot even begin to do alone. That’s why He sent a bunch of help [all described in His Word], but you can only take the help He sent. The help He sent has Power [to help you become like Him, not to help you with your plans to avoid Him]. All other religion does not have any power, so it cannot help you.

God did not start religion, He did not send any of those others. All of the different Offices of the 5 fold ministry were birthed or realigned by Jesus himself. Getting saved is an option for everyone. Getting up under the authority with anointing so that you can grow is not an option, for anyone. We should not be surprised at the monstrosity and size of this religious deception. Jesus warned us about again and again. Especially for the Last Days.

Apostles did not come out of thin air, Jesus created the Office. A few centuries later, Religion shut them all down. They killed most of them. None of the crusades were Christian, they were all Catholic. All of them. Yet so many people including most believers think they were christian, simply because they don’t know history. The very first crusade was against other orthodox believers in Constantinople who refused to join the growing religious mafia of catholicism. Later they would go after the true believers who were operating in the power of the Holy Spirit by true faith, through a wicked device they invented called the Inquisition.

They murdered them by the hundreds of thousands. The Albigenses, Waldenses, Huguenots and Cathars. Born again spirit filled Christians who refused to line up with the heresy, corruption and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. They killed them because they were the apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers, and they had the power. It was the same reason they killed Jesus in His day.

Religion has no power and if it cannot have it, it will kill those who do. But they only had power as they stayed submitted to the rank and structure of Authority as it was created by Christ himself. This is non existent in the church today, because the church as we know it is the Body of Religion. Just as the true Ecclesia is the Body of Believers. Which is the Body of Christ. This body of religion is huge in the earth. Catholic and protestant. It costs nothing to join, and nothing happens when you do. You get to stay exactly the way you are, while telling everyone you follow Jesus.

God is not looking for physical bodies who don’t want to go to Hell. The Creator of the Universe is looking for a people who will learn to live by faith and produce Fruit. These are the ones He is coming for. The Body of Christ is small, less than 10 per cent of those who say they believe. No man has to go through another man to get to Jesus. You can accept Christ all by your self. Every man who wants to follow Him must do it through the rank structure and authority that He himself set up. That is what the 5 fold ministry is. The place you must go to follow Him. You cannot follow Him alone. People who refuse to do this expose their own hatred of submission and their contempt for authority that exists in the fallen nature of all men. Well that is the nature of Lucifer, it is what we became in the fall of man. When Adam and Eve sinned.

It is this fallen nature that must be crucified and did not get born again. That’s what your cross is for. What we think, what we feel and what we want. They are part of our soul not our spirit. They were not saved when you became born again. Your spirit is what got born again, and it is the only place God speaks to you. When man fell he didn’t die soulically, he died spiritually. Your dead spirit was brought back to life, but your soul is where you must change. It is the 5 fold ministry that shows you how to use your cross, how to crucify your flesh and die to self. So you can save your soul. The Bible says it is the goal of your Faith.

Jesus gave His ministers the authority to train believers with His Word. That’s what the 5 fold ministry does, they discipline you with the Word of God to do the things of God. They make you grow up in Christ so that you can mature and produce Fruit. But you must submit your self. God requires it. This is the process. Nowhere in the Bible is it given to us as an option. It is this 5 fold ministry with authority and anointing making disciples that is completely absent from all modern religious christianity. Catholic and protestant.

The Catholic church doesn’t have any of the anointing at all because it doesn’t have any of the Authority at all. It never has had it. That’s not my opinion. Go check it out yourself. You don’t have to believe me. Go look at any Catholic church anywhere on the planet at anytime, including the Vatican. There is a strong sense of religion but no presence of God. A clear demonstration of much control, with a complete absence of [supernatural] Power. And high ceilings do not denote Power.

But here’s the thing you have to check out: the people. Especially the clergy. The anointing and authority aren’t on buildings, they are on people. Yes, there are some amazing and spectacular buildings, but that’s the whole point – it’s a Disguise. The spectacular of the physical distracts and fools our carnality through what we see with our eyes, keeping us from seeing the moving of the Spirit which is subtle. Most of the time. Which can only be seen with the eyes of our spirit. That’s how God wants us to see Him, with the eyes of our heart.

You’ll notice immediately that the people in these religious systems are devoid of the true Holiness, Peace or Joy that comes from following God. If you’ve never seen these things you may not know what I’m talking about. Instead they are filled with a long dead, bone dry, deeply powerless Religion run by a bunch of frustrated, fussy, effeminate little old men. Who replaced Him as the boss a long time ago. Hungry for power, lonely for love, they are the Institution that has become both the apex and the epitome of everything God never meant the Body of Christ to be. This is man on his own without God, trying to work his way back to God on his own terms. It is called Religion. And it is a stench in the nostrils of God.

If you are not following the plan, the mold, the blueprint, the instructions, the order of battle, the building code that He laid out in His Word about His Son – what makes you think you’re a Follower. You’re not a Christian because you call yourself one, or because you go to church. You are a Christian because you do what Christ did and you say what He said. And even when you miss it, you only know that you missed it because you know what it was that He did. Don’t speculate on What Would Jesus Do, the Bible is filled with what He did do! We are supposed to do what the Bible says. Go and do what Jesus did, go and say what Jesus said.  Then you will be . . . just like Jesus.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


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The Vatican Exposed   [Paul L. Williams/Prometheus Books]

A Woman Rides the Beast: The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days  [Dave Hunt/Harvest House Publishers]

There are many many books on the subject, these are 2 of the better ones.

The Fall Of World Religion (part II)

Mormons are not some higher form of Christians as they think themselves. They are followers of a dead man named Joseph Smith who was murdered by a mob of his own followers and whose own parents described in detail what a deceiver he was. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a witness for Jehovah, they’re followers of a convicted perjurer named Charles Taze Russell. The modern ones try to distance themselves from their founder, but it’s all a Lie. Like the Mormons they have written their own bible, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Holy Bible of Christianity. Their version the New World Translation is an absolute fabrication. Stay away from it.

Calling them Russellites [as I do] would not only be more accurate, it would be telling the absolute truth! Christian Science isn’t the scientific branch of Christianity, there isn’t one. They’re followers of a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, who like so many cult leaders was an apostate of Christianity, not an Apostle of the Faith. I’m moving fast here so don’t get lost. Scientologists aren’t a blend of religious mixologists living in some colony on South Beach who delved into science in their spare time, like some upstanding bartenders who became religious investigators to lead people to the truth at the bottom of a new cocktail (sound silly – so is the religion).

They’re followers of a foolish old science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard, who before his death, publicly confessed to his scam. He wasn’t just a pretender, he was a bad pretender. Talk about a cheezy B movie. And now some professional pretenders in Hollywood can’t get enough of him. When you die, you go where your god is. You follow him after death the same way you followed him before it. There is no Allah or Buddha or Krishna. They are all pretend. None of them came from God and none of them went back to Him. You have to go through Christ and only Christ to get to Heaven. It is not an argument, the Bible is the Instruction Manual. It is not a plea for your agreement it is terms for your surrender. You either followed the Instructions or you did not.

Catholics aren’t followers of Christ, most don’t even know Him. Because they don’t know His Word. They are followers of a man called the pope who [along with the institution he heads], pretends he has the power to let them in or keep them out of Heaven. Which hardly qualifies as a really bad joke. Until about 50 or 60 years ago they were called papists, because he is the one they followed. His title[s] pope sounds oddly unchristian because it isn’t Christian at all, and is not in the Bible. Neither are the others, Pontifex Maximus or Vicar of Christ. Jesus did not call anybody these things at any time.  These men call themselves these things.

Mary isn’t the Mother of God, it’s blasphemy just to say such a thing. God doesn’t have a mother, or don’t you read the Bible. This Queen of Heaven she’s been made into and the image of mother and child were taken directly from the Cult of Babylon. Their addition to Christianity did not improve it, they Corrupted it. The hybrid that Catholicism made out of  it is a complete perversion. Mary was a teenage virgin Hebrew girl like many of her day, that God Almighty chose to use as a vessel to bring forth the physical body that His Son would use when He became a man 2000 years ago in Palestine. We honor her just as we honor all believers who came before us and did their part, but she has absolutely no Divinity whatsoever. Except the access to Divinity that we are all offered in Christ – if we Obey Him.

You can’t just make stuff up as you go and call yourself Christian, nobody can. Christians believe what the Christ said. Believers believe the Bible. If you don’t believe the Bible you are not a Believer. You might as well join the gay church or the church of Satan, they have much more in common with each other than anything to do with Christianity. Error is error, and God has one answer for all of it. A very hot fire. But no one has to go there, unless they insist upon it.

The pope isn’t a successor of the Apostle Peter, but of the Roman Emperors morphed into religious authority. The emperor just changed clothes, that’s all. Nuns didn’t come out of any part of Christianity, they don’t even exist there. They are a continuation [ideologically] of the Vestal Virgins of the Roman Empire, pure paganism. Born out of Babylon. It’s exactly the same with the celibate Priesthood living as monks while forcing their sex on each other and the children of their followers. The priests of the Babylonian cult had everyone confess their sins to them so they could know what was going on in the village, and better control or influence events. Direct predecessors of the cult of Catholicism.

None of that has anything at all to do with Biblical Christianity, none of it. It is to be found nowhere in Judaism or the Christianity that fulfilled all the prophecies of Judaism. Such things don’t even exist in the Scripture. Yes they can [and do] take fragments of Scripture out of context, and like all religious people twist them to their own ends. The Bible itself speaks of people doing this very thing 2000 years ago. Anyone could make any book say anything they wanted by doing that. We look at Scripture in the Light of other Scripture, remember. That’s the key to a proper understanding. You have to both look at it [in the micro] and take it as a whole [in the macro] because the whole thing is saying something. God has been saying for a long time. Nothing in the earth is more important than what God is saying. Right now.

to be continued-

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


Living In Surrender

The largest part of who we are is what we believe.  There are times you were right about what you believed, and there are times you were wrong about what you believed.  So a belief is something you think to be true regardless of whether you are right or wrong.  Now faith is not belief, though they are closely related.  Faith is the step that comes after belief.  You could say that beliefs are inside the man and faith is where what you believe inside can be seen outside the man.  Because faith involves action, or it cannot be faith.  Faith is acting on what you believe without seeing it.  Faith is spiritual and operates only in a realm where you cannot see it.  If you can see it, then it is not faith.

Spiritual warfare fought on this plane is a battle of beliefs.  What makes a belief.  Beliefs are made up of thoughts.  How are thoughts expressed.  Thoughts are expressed through words.  God created the entire universe with His words.  Your fallen nature does not believe that.  It is with the heart man believes, not with the fallen nature.  That means it is in the spirit that all belief occurs.  That is where we believe this and all Spiritual things.  With the heart man believes and with the mouth he speaks that belief, or confesses it.  If we are not willing to say it, it is because we do not believe it.  We must think what God tells us to think and say what He tells us to say.  That is how all that He has for you will come to you.  Believe what His word says in your heart, confess what His word says with your mouth.  There is one other part and that is it will only come to you according to your own Faith, not according to God’s ability. That is why it is so important to build your faith.

Words are spiritual.  They minister either spiritual life or spiritual death.  Jesus said my words are spirit and they are life.  He said that as a man for men.  He did not say that as God.  Scripture tells us that He set aside being equal to God to become a man in order to do what God wanted Him to do.  Becoming the example to all men of what all men should say and what all men should do in regards to the Father.  What you believe and what you do is who you are.  God does not want your feelings or your arguments, He wants who you are.  This is the part of you that must be surrendered.  What you believe enough to say and then do.  People already do this with all sorts of things all their life long, they just have not been trained to do it with God.  Here are some examples of the action of faith from everyday life.

When you go to sit in a chair believing it will hold you up, that is an act of faith.  Further still when you go to look for your car in a parking lot that is large and full of cars, believing that yours will be there, that is an act of faith.  It is a low level of it, but it is faith.  Even more when you go to work at your job everyday for two weeks believing that they will pay you, you are doing that in faith.  People put their faith in all sorts of things because people believe all sorts of things.  This kind of faith cannot save you, in this life or the next.  Most of it is worthless.  Only faith in Christ is saving faith.  All other faith takes you straight to Hell.

None of that is said to be mean, it is the only position the Bible itself takes.  It speaks well of no other faith.  With the only other kind being fake faith, as opposed to true faith.  Truth can set you free, but before it does that it will often make you mad.  People love to say the truth will set you free.  But really, it is only the truth you know that will set you free.  But it only sets you free if you are disciplined by it.  It is being disciplined by the truth you know that sets you free.  The same way the road disciplines your car and tells it where it can and cannot drive across the ground.  God’s Truth must discipline your entire life just like that.  Telling you what you can say and do, and what you cannot say and do.  If we understood how everything that comes out of us as men is a seed, it would change the way we look at things.

Every word is a seed, every thought is a seed, every action is a seed.  God’s law of Seed-Time-Harvest is [The] Kingdom Principle.  When you look at an apple seed the Instructions for an entire apple tree are in that seed.  It is a level of God’s power. You cannot reassign the power, God has already assigned it.  That is why the anointing is on the sowing of the Word, not on our understanding of it.  We speak about the anointing on other pages.  There is no spiritual power in our mental understanding, the seed is what has the power.  It has this power within itself.

Every seed contains the destiny of where it is going.  It also contains the judgment of what it can and cannot do. What the seed is to become is already in the seed. The parameters it can operate within are already in the seed.  God’s Word is what He said, and it is in His Seed.  You could say seed is the ability for something to reproduce itself, and it came from God.  God’s power is in His word and His word is in His seed. That’s why it is so important to know what you sow, because you will reap what you sow.  We are now at the time of all the crops coming in from everything that has been sown.

The Word contains power within itself to bring itself to pass.  Our job is to sow.  Only God makes it grow. Most who call themselves Christians want God to grow it without their sowing it.  It will never happen that way.  God will not do that – He told you to.  He does not violate His own Word.  You cannot leave for Him to do what He has left for you to do.  Salvation is not an event, it is a condition.  Which means that it is ongoing.  You are saved in your spirit, you are being saved in your soul, and you will be saved in your body on the Great Day when the Lord returns.  But only if you’ve been sowing what He told you to sow. Stay in the condition of salvation, so that when it’s time to die, you won’t.

There are no dead people in Heaven!  Dead people don’t go to Heaven, they go to Hell.  Death is a spiritual condition not a physical event.  You must be clear about this.  Yes the world and its way of speaking has reduced it to that, as they do with all of God’s things.  That’s what they do, they reduce Him.  Because they do not want to deal with Him.  They cannot get rid of Him, so they make Him as small as they possibly can.  Do not line up with them.  We are forbidden to conform to the world and its way of thinking.  We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Which involves making His words our words.

We put out the Spiritual Principles and Biblical Truths (or some facet of them) on Facebook, every single day.  If you have followed us for any time then you know that.  God uses these laws to run the entire universe.  Two of the master Laws that run everything are stated in Romans 8 – the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ / and the Law of Sin and Death.  Everything living or dead is under one, nothing is under both.  Accept His will by believing His words and your sentence is life.  Eternal life.

The life is Life in Christ, not life the way man means it.  It is the kind of Life that you can only have if you are in Christ.  It is not available to anyone outside of Christ.  When you accept Christ as your Savior you come into this Life.  But that is just the start.  Until any human being is Born Again, they are in spiritual death.  That’s what Hell is filled with, spiritual death.  God’s Word is His Will.  One person’s dislike of the Will of God or the Word of God does not stop them from coming to pass in the Earth.  It only stops them from coming to pass in their own life.  God without man is still God.  Man without God . . . is nothing.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


The Fall of World Religion

Listen, catholic is just a Latin word that means “universal.” It is not the name of the first church, the original church, and certainly not of any Christian church. There is a distinction between Catholic and Christian to this very day because there has always been one. The word catholic in the first several centuries of early Christianity was used the same way we would use Body of Christ, or the Church at large, or the global Christian Fellowship – referring to all believers everywhere. Long before there was ever an official church by that name. I’m talking centuries before. This isn’t something hidden, it’s just something not talked about. Among clergy theologians scholars [on both sides] or just good students of the Bible and Christianity. It is well known, and always has been.

These practices [of Catholicism] are nothing more than religious tradition which are actually part of a much older pagan religious system called the Cult of Babylon, or Babylonian Cult System. Which is actually the oldest religion in the earth. Don’t mistake Religious Tradition as something light or harmless, it is nothing of the sort. The religious tradition of men is the the chief enemy of the Word of God in the earth. Jesus said the traditions of men make the Word of God of no effect. And He said it several times.  That means it makes the Bible useless. You don’t have to believe me, go look it up in the Bible yourself.

I realize much of this might be new to you if you haven’t studied these things, but the knowledge of it isn’t new. It’s just another one of those things not talked about. In case you didn’t know it they worship Mary and the saints as well. Which is strictly forbidden by Scripture. It is nothing short of blasphemy. And you can’t say “no, they include Jesus too!” Cause I’ll just tell you what the Bible says – God is not worshiped when He’s worshiped also, He’s worshiped when He’s worshiped Only! Worship is and was always meant only for Him. That’s why everything else tries to get it from us – to take it from Him.

The dominant religion in Rome before it’s conversion to Christianity in the 4th century was the Cult of Babylon. When this Cult began to fade in popularity most of its core practices were attached to and blended with the rising Christianity. Effectively making it not Christianity at all. The Emperors of Rome were the de facto head of the religion [for centuries] until the late 4th century when the Emperor Gratian refused to carry the mantle the previous emperors had commonly worn, that of the high priest of this most ancient religious system. Whereupon a slim shady character named Damasus, who was the head of the Christian church in Rome at that time [also called a Church Father], immediately took advantage of the opening – bam! Giving us the birth of the Catholic church.

Now it took centuries for it to organize and grow into the religious system it became, but like all cults (offshoots, perversions) of Christianity, it began with a person. In this case a man who actually had some authority within and knowledge of [real] Christianity, combined both that and his office of a church father with that of being the high priest of the cult of Babylon – and gave us the largest, longest running, most powerful christian cult in History. Don’t despair, the Mormons are catching up quickly (proportionally)! Both of which are completely devoid of any true power [which is all Spiritual, and only comes from God – to do only what He said]. Yet they do have a lot of power in a political sense within their own worldly religious camps. True Christianity had been here since Jesus started it, and still flourishes today. Uninterrupted. It did not come from Catholicism, it was never a part of it.

The protestant reformation is something that happened within the Catholic Church itself, when a bunch of their own people walked out. It had nothing to do with Christianity. Which had already been in full swing for centuries. Martin Luther was a Catholic professor in a catholic seminary before he repented, and became a Christian. He didn’t start something, he left something, and took a bunch of people with him. After this devastating blow of the loss of so many people and so much income they had to come up with a new marketing strategy. So they decided to lean further toward their pagan roots and add five books from the apocrypha which were never part of the Bible, to make their version unique. An invented corruption. Less accurate and more pagan mythology. All catholic bibles should be burned.

The popes aren’t successors of Peter, they are a continuation of the Roman emperors morphed into religious authority.  An authority they claim is from God, but which they only gave to themselves. To untangle the mess of world religion you can keep it very simple by remembering that they are all followers of a person, or lesser still [for many] what a person had to say during the short time they were here. Well they all had something to say, but only One had any power. In fact, now He has all the Power. That was Jesus. Those who really follow Him walk in that Power today on some level. One of the many facets of that Power was the ability to overcome Death, which He defeated when He came back from it in the Resurrection.

That’s what the pagan celebration of Easter was attached to on the Christian side. The Resurrection of Christ. He died so we wouldn’t have to. He didn’t do it for Himself – He did it for us. No one else came back from the dead! None of these other fools who started their own religions. None of them. There are many Christians raising people from the dead today. Not a single person in these other religions heals the sick, casts out demons, or raises the dead – because they can’t. No one in their religion has any power, and you either have the Power or you don’t. The rest is just talk. The power is the proof. If you don’t have the power you’re just pretending. Now for those of you really searching for the Truth – you’ll key in on what I just said. For those thinking this was written for their Approval, it’ll go right over their head.

part I of a 3 part series

to be continued –

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


[an abridged excerpt from a chapter in my coming book]  Quo Vadis


When the Lord enters your life it is done spiritually, and in your spirit. Which means if you choose to, you can ignore Him after you accept Him. Since all of his dealings with you will be by way of His Spirit thru your spirit, and are unseen in this physical realm, you must choose to believe Him every day of your life. You do not still believe Him now because you believed in Him once, in your past. That is nothing more than presumption, which is a type of Pride. In the Biblical sense it means to assume because of your Pride. Believing is something that, in the very grammatical tense of the word, is a present tense continuum. Which means it is something you have to keep doing because it is ongoing.

It is nothing more than my pride that makes me think that since I chose to believe in Him once that there is no need to choose to believe Him now. As though it is Automatic. Many things are automatic for fallen men in a fallen world. But they are automatic to the fallen position of the fallen nature, not to the daily faith that God demands. Faith is required, and it is required to be constant. Like all living things for it to be constant, it has to be fed. The Bible tells us how to get it, and how to keep getting it. If we are not getting it, we don’t have it. Without faith we won’t depart from the things of this fallen world. We’ll just incorporate them into our christianity, which of course isn’t Christianity at all. It’s just Presumption.

After coming into your life God will start to deal with you about things in your life. Many of them will have to go. If you are going to belong to Him. He does this by way of His Spirit, His Word and His Ministers. That’s His part. When He does start to deal with you, you can let your heart look back with desire on what He is leading you away from. When you look back with longing, you’re acting like the thing you’re leaving is better than the place God is taking you. It is reluctance which is unwillingness, but it’s also a form of unbelief. Both of them are Sins. Unbelief is not non belief, it’s not neutral like that. Unbelief is believing something other than what God has to say about it. Unbelief angers God, it angered Jesus. We are far too democratically minded when standing before the King, and it will cost everyone of us if we don’t fix it now. We have to be clear on what we believe, and how far we are willing to go to follow God.

The Bible is the infallible and unerring Word of God, but it does not contain the whole counsel of God. Everything in the Bible is true, but everything in it isn’t right. Because it is a collection of historical records, it is filled with many horrible and bad things brought about by man’s own unbelief and disobedience. Many of which are warnings to us, not examples for us to follow. As great as the Bible is, it was never intended to contain the whole counsel of God. It does not replace the Holy Spirit, though the Holy Spirit always leads us in line with His Word. In the exact same way, the Holy Spirit does not replace the 5 different kinds of Ministers that make up the 5 fold ministry, though no true Ministry can operate without the power of the Holy Spirit. And all preaching and teaching must line up with the Word. If it doesn’t, it’s not Christian Ministry – it’s some other kind of ministry. It is only with all 3 working together as the Lord intended, the Word, the Spirit, and the Ministry, that we come into the whole counsel of God. I didn’t say these things – they’re all in the Bible. You cannot be a Christian and not Believe the Bible.

Abraham is called the father of faith, because Abraham departed. God told him to go and he did. He could have stayed where he was and held on to what he had, but he didn’t. He believed God and stepped out on that belief, and learned to trust God all along the way. That is Faith. Acting on what you believe without seeing it. Abraham did this for years. He was a Prophet. If you are called to be an Apostle or Prophet chances are the Lord will call you to leave everything, and go to a place that He will show you. But even if you don’t have to leave your home or your city, there are some things you will have to leave. Everyone has to. All of us should be like Abraham and live in a tent, at least in our hearts. I mean even if you had a twenty room mansion and lived there all of your life, in your heart you should live in a tent. Ready to strike the tent and break camp, to follow the Lord whenever and wherever He commands you. Here’s something you have to know about faith; faith departs.

If you choose to follow the Lord with all of your heart and live a life for Him when others do not, then there will be some relationships you have to sever, some places you can no longer go, some things you have to quit doing. It’s called Separation and is where the process of Holiness begins and ends. You begin separating until finally you are separate. It is not an Option it is a Commandment, and without it you cannot see God. Holiness is not an adjective for God, it is a synonym. Holiness is Christlikeness. The way to become like Christ is through His Word. Don’t forget it is called the Holy Bible, and it is filled with His Words. God created the entire universe with His Words. What He created with His Words is affected by His Words. His Words are Holy. These holy words along with the Holy Spirit separate you, they holy you. As you obey them a little more each time you deposit them in your spirit. Your job is to sow. That’s what the devil doesn’t want you to know, or to do. Your part. Life on this earth is your time of Separation, many have failed to see that. His Word will separate you from your sin.

Our departure here from the world and it’s ways affects both our arrival in Heaven and our place there. Where and how we will spend eternity is being determined right now by the life we live here on earth. Your salvation is assured if you continue in it. But you determine your position and reward. They are two completely separate things. Whether sharing the actual throne with Jesus or just barely making it in by the skin of our teeth. Both are in the Bible. Which way we come in is entirely up to each one of us. Everyone who truly accepts Christ as their Savior will be saved, but we’ll find out who they are when He gets here. Salvation is something that belongs to the Lord and will be handed out by Him personally. It’s not something where merely claiming it brings it to you, as so many who call themselves believers do. Not everyone who says they’re saved is saved. Your obedience is the proof of your salvation.

Let me break down one of many Scriptures that state plainly we will not all have the same position. Paul tells Timothy in the second half of the second chapter of his second letter to the young Pastor, of two things. He speaks of a seal and foundation which are God’s, and of a great house with many vessels whose usefulness is for either good or not so good. A seal is a mark of ownership, and declares both the guarantee and security of what’s being said. There are 2 inscriptions on the seal. Like everything in the Bible this seal has God’s part and man’s part. God’s part is stated “The Lord knows those who are His,” with the second which is man’s part saying “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from sin.” The foundation that the seal is on represents how solid immovable and unchanging are the words of God.

After the seal and foundation, Paul speaks about the great house with many vessels. Which is both analogy and allegory. Meaning it is a comparison between two things and, it has a hidden meaning. All of creation could be construed as God’s great house, but since the Bible is written to and for men, we’ll restrict it to men. Including the places where men exist; Heaven, Hell and earth. Hell can be excluded since men have no choice there, and cannot separate themselves even if they wanted to. The only choice anyone has concerning Hell is not to go there. For which there is only One single way. Hell does have multiple levels and varying degrees of punishment, providing it with the many vessels in a negative context. Hell aside, the other two places of Heaven and earth meet both the criteria established in the Scripture itself.

First, there is an important distinction made between the materials of which the vessels are made of: Gold and silver, wood and baked clay. This of course speaks of quality not quantity. What kind not how many. What kind of Christian were you. God would rather have one person who acts just like Jesus, than a thousand who just call on His name. Christlikeness is a quality. Even in the natural there are places you go to purchase quality and places you go to purchase quantity. Most things that are made to be bought in large quantity are made at low cost. To really be His partner and be like Him, God wants the vessel you decide to be to cost you. It cost Him plenty. And with that cost He purchased you. If you will allow Him to turn you into a son, He will hold you in high regard and assign you a great value. If you live your life for your Self but truly believed at some point that Jesus saved you from your sin, then you’ll just barely make it in.

When we get to Heaven everyone there will be Blessed. But everyone will not have the same access to God, or the same closeness to Jesus. You will be as close there as you were here.  The inequality of men here is highly incidental and filled with injustice. The inequality in Heaven is completely intentional, and based solely on the choice of the individual in this life. To believe and obey God’s Word, or not to. It is completely and totally Just. Your position in eternity is being determined right now. We don’t get to Separate ourselves in Heaven. As it is itself the Goal of all separation here. Heaven is the place where all separation ends, and on some level, we become one with Him and connected to each other in ways that were beyond imagining here. Discipline yourself. Look at where He’s taking you and stay focused on what lies ahead. Be quick to let go of what He’s already moved you away from. The Enemy wants you to think you’re missing out on something, it is one of his biggest lies. You are not missing out on anything when you give yourself to the One who has everything . .

“But the firm foundation of [laid by] God stands, sure and unshaken, bearing this seal [inscription]: The Lord knows those who are His, and, Let everyone who names [himself by] the name of the Lord give up all iniquity and stand aloof from it.

But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also [utensils] of wood and earthenware, and some for honorable and noble [use] and some for menial and ignoble [use].

So whoever cleanses himself [from what is ignoble and unclean, who separates himself from contact with contaminating and corrupting influences] will [then himself] be a vessel set apart and useful for honorable and noble purposes, consecrated and profitable to the Master, fit and ready for any good work.”

II Timothy 2:19-21 [Amplified]

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


Is The Bible Valid.

The most popular Book in the history of the world, and the number one best seller of all time up until 1988 was the King James Bible.  Which was then surpassed by another translation the NIV – which has been the bestseller ever since.  Our society used to be a well read one, at least the majority of it was.  As it was required in school and in most employment.  Avid readers have now become a rarity.

There are so many things that you don’t know about history if you don’t read, and the validation of it in any context.  For example, the words of most students who attack the Bible or faith with the words of their liberal professors belie an absence of any understanding of the way we gather and retain knowledge. In other words, they are completely devoid of experiential knowledge or personal understanding, but are filled with the opinions of others which they mistakenly regard as fact.  In relation to Eternity, this is so very dangerous.

Almost every historical statement made is believed by all of us not because we can prove it – but because trustworthy people told us so.  In other words it is believed on Authority.  If people (like yourself) jabbed at the rest of history the way they do the Bible, one would have to be content to believe nothing at all.  Secular scholars and historians are willing to concede the genuineness and authenticity of any writing if there are as many as 10 copies of the original to be found.  On this basis alone the Bible can be proven genuine and authentic thousands of times over.

Until the mid 20th century the Bible was used as the sole source by every archeologist to uncover multiple cities and historical sites all over the ancient world.  The knowledge of it was both a requirement and part of their classical training.  The fact that so many don’t know this is how things were always done is hurting them right now, not increasing their understanding.  The Bible is now and has always been a historical document.  There has never been a time when it was not.  What most who doubt speak from today is the age of skepticism the modern era has brought us into, and the millions of Unbelievers birthed by it.  Not anything to do with the Bible or its validity.

I have been in Ministry for more than 30 years now, have traveled the world, and consider myself a student of history.  Yet none of these things are responsible for or alter the truth even a little.  It is all independently verifiable by anyone who cares to make the effort and take the time.  No event in ancient history can produce more than a fraction of the evidence by which the Bible in its entirety is sustained as genuine and authentic.  For those who believe something other than what God says, what you mean is you simply choose not to believe the Bible.  In both the Bible and Christianity that’s all Believing is . . . a Choice.

There are some in choosing not to believe the Bible – choose to believe say, that we came from monkeys.  For which there is not even the slightest proof – anywhere in the world.  At all.  Go ask any museum or university to show you a single skull or skeleton – a real one.  They cannot and will not because they don’t exist.  If such a thing had ever occurred there would be at least a few million in the fossil record.  Yet there is not a single one in existence.  How funny.  Yet millions of fools believe by choice the ramblings of a fool.  That takes a lot more faith than I have – and I live in the miraculous.  Because of what is written in the Bible.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry



In all the earth there is a land where God decided to start His plan, to bring man back to Himself. The land is Israel. In that land there is a city, Jerusalem. In that city there is a mountain, Mount Moriah. Also known as the Temple Mount. And on that mountain there is a rock. A rock called the Foundation Stone. The most contested piece of land on earth. It is the very rock where Abraham offered his son Isaac to God, and in so doing, allowed God to offer His Son back in return, to complete the covenant between them.

This was God’s way back in, to a world system He had been locked out of. Ever since His kids gave the keys of authority to a fallen angel. He had a plan to get it all back, but it had to be done legally. God will not violate His Word, even if it’s to the Devil. According to both Hebrew and Sinai tradition, it is the same rock where God formed Adam. There now sits a muslim shrine called the Dome of the Rock over the site, which is next to the al-Aqsa mosque. They are in the same compound and are often confused, but they are separate buildings. The mosque was a Christian Church for centuries before Islam was even invented, and the Foundation Stone is the very reason Solomon’s Temple was built where it was, almost 3000 years ago.

The muslims hijacked them both back when their religion was just getting started. Even though it was in Judea, and had been the most holy site in Judaism for thousands of years. That’s alright, the Antichrist will force them to give it up very shortly. There are already plans in the works in Israel to rebuild a Temple right there. It was the first Adam who brought sin into Man, the second Adam bought Man out of sin. The second Adam was Jesus. At the foot of the Mount of Olives is a garden called Gethsemane. The name means place of pressing, and it is the place where Jesus was pressed by his own desires and his own will to get out of dying for a corrupt and fallen world. So that man had a way back to God. He resisted to the point of blood coming out his pores. But in the end, He said to His Father, “never the less not my will be done, but thy will be done.” And in so doing, became God’s answer.

All over the earth there are many charitable and humanitarian organizations attempting to solve the problem of world hunger. Sociologists and psychologists searching for something to modify human behavior. Corrupt nations and their leaders promising peace or wealth, through crooked deals they never intend to keep. Ecoterrorists and animal rights bullies wishing they could force their agenda on those whose choices are different from their own. All of them are spiritual criminals. Every sin is a spiritual crime. The number one killer of all of mankind throughout all of history is Sin. Not something else. Men don’t have the answer, man in his fallen state is the problem. God is the only One who could possibly give the answer, and He’s already given it.

The answer to all those problems is the same answer to all that sin. His name is Jesus!  The problems have already been solved, the answer has been provided.  People just don’t like the answer so they reject Him. Those who refuse the only way out are seeking another. The whole world is searching, but they won’t like what they find. Every man woman and child born into this world system is born into the spiritual condition of Sin and Death. It is in every way as inescapable as your own parents having come before you. The first man and woman were the parents of us all. They were the ones given the authority by God over the entire planet and every creature on it. You and I were not, we weren’t there.

Just as you were not there when your parents were born. You did not get to choose who they were or what they left you, or even where you were born. You had nothing to say about it. Time did not come out of nowhere, time came from God. Time has been given to all men by portion. God did this so that all who would come back to Him, do come back. They have been given time to do this, as it does not exist in Heaven. All of our decisions only and always affect the present moment. Which is the only time we have been given.

In the future all present moments become part of the past, which is actually a record kept in Heaven. It will be opened on Judgment Day, and every single thing you have ever done or not done will be Judged. Even the things you thought were hidden, the things no one could see. The very intentions and thoughts of your heart will be laid bare, and Judged. Everyone will know, and everyone will see. For many, it won’t be pretty. You cannot change what happened before you got here, or the most certain fact that it will all be Judged. But you can decide to stay in what happened before you got here.

Our decisions are incapable of changing the past. Only God can do that. What we have been given is the choice to make a decision, or not to. In relation to time it can only be done one place and nowhere else. It can only be done in the present. You do not have the future and you cannot claim it. He has not given it to you. Many have tried but they all died.

What you have is the portion you’ve been given. We’ll call it a day to keep it simple, as that is what the Bible calls it. The decision itself also has a name in the Bible, it is called repentance. It is actually described as a gift, and is exactly one half of the gospel Jesus preached. The other half is the Kingdom of God. You have to repent of your sin just to get into His Kingdom. It is the only way in. Repentance is the way out of sin and repentance is the way back to God.

The sinful state we were born into is not our fault, but the choice to sin or not to, is an act of the will. Sin is a decision. Just as salvation is a decision. What we are salvaged from is the shipwreck that sin has made of this current world system. Which will all be destroyed. Along with those who choose sin over salvation.  Because God is holy and nothing like sin or us in our sinful state, His Law requires payment for sin. Since sin is an act of the will contained within a living body, the payment God requires is the blood in that body. As the life of the body is in the blood.

That’s what Christ did for us, and that’s what God offers us. A payment that you owed because you chose to sin, made by a friend who chose not to sin – which is the only thing that made His payment acceptable. Jesus did it because God wanted him to. He was tempted to sin in every way that we are, and He was tempted as a man. Jesus was a man, remember. God cannot be tempted. Yes Christ is divine, the Son of God, and the fulness of the God head in bodily form, but the Bible says he set all that aside when he became a man. He had to, it was man He was bringing back.

Jesus did not come into existence 2000 years ago in Palestine, that’s when He came down from where He already existed – to become a man. To fulfill the legal requirements of a God who has nothing to do with sin, so the rest of us could get in. In on this eternal life thing. He has always existed with God from the beginning. Don’t try to figure it all out, there’s a ton of things in the Spiritual Realm you have no clue about. This is just a little bit leaked from the other side. You must always remember that God’s passion is not that you understand Him, His passion is that you believe Him. He wants to reveal Himself to you, but He doesn’t reveal Himself to people who don’t believe Him.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they left their place with God through the spiritual door of Unbelief and Disobedience. To get back to God each of us must go back to Him through the door of Belief and Obedience. Otherwise we are left here in our own sin living under the curse, awaiting destruction. Of our own free will. God will not make you come to Him, you have to want to. It is and must be entirely our own decision. Sin had to be dealt with just to make it possible for us to come back, so Jesus took care of that.  Jesus is God’s answer to Sin. We all must respond, or not. All have been invited to come back, but few have come in. I am so very thankful that I could, and so very glad that I did.

The people who get used by God to expand His Kingdom are not the great and the good in the world’s eyes. They are the people who valued the invitation. Jesus spoke of many who were Invited, but all of them had different excuses for not coming. They had other things to do. How about you. Do you value the invitation. Do you like the answer. I love the Answer. I Love Jesus. Religion has created a jesus that the Bible doesn’t recognize, so I don’t mean that one.

I mean the One and only Son of the Most High, the Son of God. The Prince of Peace and King of the Universe who never did any wrong, yet laid down His life so I wouldn’t have to. He was raised from the dead so I could be too. After going to Hell in my stead, taking back the authority from the Devil, which he stole from God’s kids. Jesus didn’t want to go through it, but He did it anyway. To please His Father. If you come in, He’s your Father too. My Christianity is my response to what Jesus did on the Cross. He is now and always will be, my Hero.

Foundation Stone inside Dome of the Rock

Foundation Stone inside Dome of the Rock shrine

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


Everything Happens For A Reason

What I’m about to say is not popular but it is most needful. If you love the Truth then you need to add this to what you already know. Without a love for the Truth you won’t make it out in the first Departure – you’ll have to wait and go later. The wait will not be pleasant.

In our particular generation there exists a body of popular knowledge that is a mix of the secular and the sacred both believed in and spoken by many who profess themselves Christians. We’ll just call it christianese, or at least a part of it, as the term has been around for awhile. There is a substantial amount of this very modern motivational wisdom, but it is not Biblical – at all. Here’s one of the more well known lines.

Everything happens for a Reason. It’s almost never said when something good happens but only when something bad or uncertain happens. When something bad happens and you say everything happens for a reason – what you’re saying is that you believe God is in charge of everything, that He’s behind everything that happens. This is simply Not true. It is against all Scripture.

There are 2 completely different kingdoms, and the Bible says so. One is Good and the other is Bad. The Bad one used to be part of the Good, but of it’s own free will – perverted itself. It does not possess and cannot create anything on its own except the perversion that it chose, and now perverts everything under its Authority – which was given to it by Adam and Eve when they sinned. An authority over the world and it’s system. That’s why one of Lucifer’s names in the Bible is the god of this world.

At the very beginning in the book of Genesis we see the entrance of the second kingdom and it’s king, who is actually a Fallen Angel. With the very end of the Bible in the book of Revelation we see the destruction of this kingdom and it’s king – and the return of THE KING and His Kingdom. It is not Dualism! That is 2 equal opposite powers that have existed forever and Need each other to exist.

Dualism is not Christianity, it is a perversion of it. In Christianity, evil is not the opposite of good but a parasite of it. Evil needs good just to exist, but good does not need evil at all. In Christianity darkness is not the opposite of light, darkness is the absence of light. You must get ahold of this, or you’ll Judge everything you’re supposed to judge, wrongly. Including your own culpability.

This is why you can’t say or believe everything happens for a Reason the way it is meant in the modern Religious sense. Don’t forget God is not religious – man is Religious. Very religious. God never told anybody to be religious or to live by Religion – no such thing is anywhere in the Bible. He told us to live by Faith, to build up our Faith, and that without Faith – you cannot please Him. Don’t be a religious person – be a person of Faith.

No use quoting all the Old Testament verses that say God did this or that [bad] thing – in the original Hebrew the entire Old Covenant was written in the Permissive tense not the Causitive, and everybody who’s been properly trained knows it. And No, allowing us to choose one thing over another (essential for free will) does not in any way mean that He condones our choice.

God does not approve of everything we do any more than you approve everything your children or students or employees do. That’s what Judgment Day is all about, but people don’t like that. So they pretend. They pretend they don’t know, or that they’re not sinning, or there is no Judgment. Pretending is a form of self deception, and all of it is coming to an end very soon.

What we really mean when we say that everything happens for a reason is that He is getting us back for something wrong we did earlier in our life, and is just another way of saying that you are paying for your Sin. A very Religious route but not a Biblical one – and it means that Jesus died for nothing! There is some ignorance in such a belief, but it’s mostly pride. Pride believes lies. It’s also Unbelief because it believes something other than what God has already said about it.

Religion wants to believe it’s paying for it’s own Salvation, that it’s working it’s way to Heaven – and that if it has to pay enough, if the course it’s traveling is difficult enough . . . it’ll make it. That’s a Lie. Either the completed work of Christ on the Cross is enough to pay for your Sin and He has something better for you than this world system, or everything happens for a reason. But they cannot both be true. You must choose which is True for you, and the wise man will only let God be True.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


Other Voices

Other lovers will always call to you, other things will vie for your attention and your affection. Your Feelings will keep you from God’s Kingdom if you give into them. Your Thoughts will lead you away from God’s Kingdom if you are Led by them. What you Want and what you Desire will pull on you and keep you from His Kingdom. Even your Goodness will keep you from The Kingdom – because your goodness isn’t good enough, you must take His. The enemy of our souls does play a part in all this, but his main weapon is something inside of us.

How will the Devil try to trip you up – he will use your Desire against you. Part of guarding your heart is guarding your desires. As with all people everywhere I have struggles. The problem with preachers is – they’re just like you. They’re people too. It is the Call of the man or woman of God that is anointed, the Office of ministry they stand in. Not the person, or their life. They have to get through this just like you do. It may be thought that this is greater among single people, and understandably so. But I don’t think this is true.

One of my own struggles as with billions of other people is with lust.  And I don’t mean struggle as in giving in to it, that’s just sin. I mean the struggle not to give into the temptation. Although the warfare is spiritual the difficulty isn’t in your spirit, it’s in the fallen nature of your Flesh. If you are born again your spirit doesn’t sin, and it doesn’t want to. But your Flesh didn’t get saved when your spirit did. Your flesh will sin all day long, and do anything you let it do.

People speak today as though lust is completely natural and should be a part of any healthy persons diet. That would be fine if there were no Heaven or Hell, if the Bible were not true, if God was not real. It is completely natural, but the natural world is part of the fallen world. We are not called to be natural, we are called to be supernatural. The Holy Spirit is the most powerful supernatural force on the planet.

There are many single people who live holy celibate lives, and do it for the Lord. We have many in our ministry. I have known many others. I also know many who struggle. Virginity is looked down upon in the decadance and fast pace of modern urban society. In the realm of the Holy Spirit saving yourself for Christ is something very beautiful, and more than powerful. In the spiritual realm, purity is better than power.

The unbridled lust released through the misdirected conquest of men and seducing power of women has had a deep long and tangled impact on the history of men. But it has not altered God’s plan and His will from coming to pass by even a single hair. Let me tell you something about lust. Lust is not a sign of burgeoning virility, it is a devastating weakness and destroyer. Like the one that it comes from you have to resist it. Your desires don’t tell us who you are, they tell us what you’ve yielded to. Resist sin, yield to God.

God wants to have a relationship with each one of us that’s just like the one He has with Jesus. Listen, God knows exactly what He is doing. Down here we think that sex fame power and money are the big deal – the big 4. But you don’t even know, you don’t even know – how good we will have it in the world to come. Every single thing down here is just a type or a shadow of something in God, an expression of who He is. Not the evil, but any kind of strength or goodness or beauty comes from Him.

If you’re single, one of your great unfulfilled desires is to have the perfect adoring and adorable lover. This is true for many married folks too. But you don’t even know. One of the Hebrew words describing who God is is that of your lover. What. The God who made all the goodness and beauty in the earth, whose power goes beyond all fame, who owns all the gold and silver on all the planets – is your lover. What. How could this be, how did I miss this. If it’s all in His Book and I didn’t get it, then my heart was deceived.

We spend all of our lives chasing someone or something. To complete us, to satisfy, to fulfill us. These are the other voices. Just a little bit of power fame or money, only to die in our sin, and go to Hell. Would you. When you could have it all. If you would only surrender your life. Give Him all of your desires, commit yourself wholly to Him. To the God of all life. The One from whom all life comes. I’m not talking about getting saved, most of you are Saved. I’m talking of going deeper.

In our relationship with God, if Jesus is the only one doing the dying, you’re not doing it right. We are commanded to pick up our cross daily. If dying to Self is an option, then your salvation is an option. Don’t let yourself desire anything more than you desire God. Yield yourself to the love of God shed abroad in your heart. I mean say it out loud. I do, several times a day – I yield myself to the Love of God shed abroad in my heart. You should try it. Yield your Self to His love. There is nothing else like it. Love is the great conqueror of lust.

It’s okay to desire affection, to yearn for intimacy. To both give and receive it. God made us that way, it is completely natural. Though we are called to be supernatural. After becoming born again, it is simply growing up into spiritual maturity to the point where your redeemed spiritual nature supersedes the fallen carnal nature. What we must not do, what we have to get rid of, is the desire to Be Desired seared into our Flesh by the heat and pressure of the fallen world we grew up in.

None of it is from God, and in fact replaces Him. Desire for Self in all of its facets replaces desire for God. Needing to be needed comes from putting Self at the center, don’t be confused about it. We need God – that’s the way it is supposed to be. Line your inner man up with that. You’ll find your self able to give of self more than you ever have before, in every way. That pleases God, and will bring you great joy and everlasting reward.

Your entire debt has been covered through a payment made by a Friend. To enter the Kingdom of God you must put on Christ – everyday. To become His son you must be led by His Spirit in all your ways. To change from the way you are to the way He requires you to be – you must give His Word first place.  You must make it Final Authority every day of your life. His Word contains power within itself to bring itself to pass. Your job is to Sow it. All the pressure comes to stop you from doing that. Because the enemy knows – His Word is what will separate you from your sin . .

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry


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Governments Fail, Economies Collapse . . Faith Stays

As we journey back through all of history for century after century, we can only travel back about 40 centuries before what we actually know – falls off a cliff. When we arrive at the place that is as far back as we can see with any certainty, we find that men are already being governed. As that great scholar of common sense G.K. Chesterton said, “The dawn of history reveals a humanity already civilized.” Where we hit the cliff of what we know is with Babylon and Egypt. Before them we have only fragments from Assyria, Sumeria the Chaldeans. Some cylinders, tablets and parchments. Everything beyond these few beggarly scraps found among the rocks is speculation. Pure speculation. The liberal academia won’t admit that, but all of it is made up.

Almost all of this making things up began during the Victorian era, when value and worth began shifting from people and their souls to things and the materials they were made of. It was a new twist on an old idea. Diminishing the value of people. Here it is called materialism. Trying to solve a spiritual need with something physical. It cannot be done. No matter how much you have or how hard you try. Now everyone has their car their house and their clothes, but they no longer have each other. What a shame, and what a sham.

It was never God’s plan. When a modern man views a city he sees the buildings and the streets, the cars planes and boats, and he is excited. God does not see it that way. He sees the people in those things. When foolishly attempting to explain how all this got here, what modern men have done is to invent a reason to explain a result. When we were little it was called make believe. Which means to make up what you want to believe. I don’t mean the cars and buildings, no one would be foolish enough to say that a scooter grew into an SUV or a kite evolved into a supersonic jet. Who would dare.

We all know they had to be thought out and designed, then built. It took specific effort and certain materials and great understanding. Someone had to do all that. No, I mean the really spectacular notion of how old the entire universe is, or that all people and planets came from nothing. That everything came from nothing. Not because it actually did come from nothing, who would dare say such a thing. But because they cannot bear for a moment to admit the only alternative, that all of it came from God. Who would say such a thing. People who hate God, that’s who. Now the enormity of all that they have made up has grown much larger than the things they were trying to explain.

This attitude and perversion of belief can be found in every facet of society. From changing ecology to failing economies, the nature of gravity to the necessity of destroying evil with war, men love to speculate while ignoring the obvious. It is part of our fallen nature. God gave us imagination, but He didn’t give it to us for that. Completely ignoring Him, while making up all sorts of things that do away with Him. What I want you to know is that the thinking of modern society is all pretend. The pretend has become bigger than the reality. We have been lied to about almost everything.

What we know of governments both ancient and modern, is that they fail. Civilization as we know it is a graveyard of failed governments, and we are at the top of the top layer. The Bible is a Historical Record and people often forget that. Nimrod was the grandson of Noah’s son Ham, who had been on the Ark with Noah for over a year. While the rest of the entire world was destroyed by the Flood for its wickedness. What that wickedness was will be mentioned later. Though the former wickedness was wiped out, it quickly gained a foothold again through Nimrod. Well Nimrod is the one who built the tower of Babel, and he did it out of rebellion toward God. He actually built the tower with the intention of it being a fortress against another flood, should God decide to do it again. Josephus in his most excellent and ancient commentary expounds on this a little more than the Old Testament does.

Beyond those we find that it was with Nimrod that the entire concept of we can do this ourselves without God, came into existence. His name means I must rise up while you go down. Lets pool all of your (the people below me) resources to carry out my agenda. Does that still go on today. Without a doubt. You know that it does. It is the very core from which all politics proceed. Every political campaign on every level, all government by all men has this means as its chief end. To pool all the energy resources and ability, with one man or a very small group, at the head. You go down and labor in your lower position to support a man in his exalted position of deciding what to do with it all. Being in charge. This is how it’s done. How it is played out in a fallen world run by a fallen angel who runs it through fallen men. Who think they are in charge, just as the fallen angel thinks he is god. While inventing their reason to explain a result, they even got rid of the devil. Now they’re trying to pretend as though evil doesn’t exist. Which isn’t going very well for them.

With Babylon comes the first city of man in his own little world which he built for Self. The system of commerce and trade to facilitate providing for him Self. As well as the religious cult built around the tower of Babel careening skyward, representing the exaltation of Self against Heaven. It was the birthplace of all three. Cities for self, the system to provide for and advance self, and the religion of self. Now we call the new version of that same old religion Humanism. The Bible says that a threefold cord is not easily broken. The Lord Jesus will break this one with the brightness of His Coming. We’ll see Him do it. He never came to start a religion, He came to give God a family. That’s what you and I are. True Christianity is God Almighty and His family. Abraham as the father of faith was the antithesis to all that began in Babylon. It is what he departed from, as he was standing right there. Abraham departed. Faith departs from Babylon.

God did not give Abraham religion, man gave himself religion. What God gave to Abraham was government. It was this very government that The Messiah was prophesied in Isaiah to be carrying on his shoulders when He arrives. Which He is doing for the Father. It was the custom in the East where the Bible was written, for sons to carry burdens for their fathers. Jesus is not coming to take over China, Russia or America as governments. They will not be here. God has His own government, and it is called a Kingdom. No other government will exist in the world to come, they are all man made and against God. The Bible tells us that the nations rage. Are they raging now. In the Psalms we are told why they rage. They are against God and against His Messiah. They are against God being the Judge of what is right and what is wrong, and they are against Jesus being King. They want to decide what is right and what is wrong for themselves, and they want to be their own king. It is a hijack. Nothing more than the lump of clay talking back to the Potter and telling Him how it wants things done.

Only the Government of God, which is the Kingdom of God will be here. That’s why Jesus preached it so much during His earthly ministry. So much so that all the people thought it would happen right then and there. He was carrying His Father’s burden. This is what the Gospel is all about. The coming of the Kingdom and our need to repent just to be let into it. Nobody gets to vote on Jesus. He is not running for president, He is the King. We don’t get to elect Him – He is letting us in. It is the people who come into The Kingdom by submitting to the Lordship of Jesus that have the right to exercise His authority in the earth. Only in Christ do we become the one ethnos, the one new man of Scripture. No worldly nation or individual can claim that authority by right of existence. Just because you exist does not mean that Jesus is your Lord, as a person or a nation.

Only the nations and individuals that have gotten under His Authority have some degree of that authority. The rest do not. Their histories do not matter. It is pride that caused the fall of Lucifer and man, and it is our pride that makes us think what one of us or all of us did outside of God, is of any importance. Only what God does matters, and He chooses the nations or individuals He will do it through. England had every right to colonize other nations as they brought them into Christ. From the rise of Elizabeth to the end of Victoria, she was the nation God was moving through. For 300 years. As the Light was fading in Britain, the Lord continued what He was doing through America. It has nothing to do with how righteous the nation or all of their practices. God will spare an entire wicked city for a dozen of His people who believe and trust Him.

Now as the Light in our nation begins to fade God has started moving in some of the Asian Tigers, only as they keep His Word. Especially in South Korea, and also in a huge underground movement in China. The Light of who He is and what He is doing is tied directly to obedience to His Word. Only by way of God moving through history does any history matter at all. When and where He was, what He was doing. The rest is irrelevant. That’s what it means to be God. He is not shy about it. People just don’t take Him seriously. Throw off all those foolish and ungodly notions of political correctness. That comes out of Humanistic thinking and He is not like that at all. God is not the goofy bureaucracy of the United Nations, He is the creator of galaxies. He is God and He is in charge. Of His plan and will coming to pass in the earth. Not all the junk He had to push through to bring it to pass. He is not keeping anyone out, they have refused to come in.

Man does have dominion over the earth, but only because God gave it to him. Not so that man could separate himself from God. He did it so that man could rule the earth under Him. Part of that dominion is the authority and the ability to redirect the resources of the planet. This was authorized by the Owner. The one who made the coal and the copper and the diamonds that are in the ground, as well as the grass and trees that grow on top. The earth and everything on it and in it are the Lord’s, and the Bible says so. He can give it to whomever He wants, and He did. We should be good stewards and are in fact commanded to. But our authority as His believers over His planet is not a question, it is another commandment from the One who made it. Just because you were born here does not give you authority. Man is fallen, the world is under a curse and the Devil runs it. God has provided a single way out, but you must accept His Authority before you can walk in it.

If you don’t like that then you need to go find another earth to live on, because this one is His. But if you’ll let Him be your God, He will turn you into a son. The word nation in the Bible comes from the word ethnos, which means race or tribe of people. Until fairly recently almost all of the nations that you see on a political map of the world were made up entirely of a single nationality, or ethnicity. Many still are. But a lot of the modern first world countries contain multiple ethnicities within the borders of their government. Which is usually made up of the single or dominant tribe (ethnos) in that country. Well the command of God to the first man and woman who are the father and mother of us all, was to be fruitful and multiply.

God saying this was not random poetry or beautiful prose, it was a commandment. There are 100’s of them in the Bible. God never speaks arbitrarily or without purpose, He always means what He says. He creates when He speaks. It is man who has made his own words to be meaningless and powerless. It would be a mistake to think that God is as trivial as the mankind that He made, has chose to become. From the very beginning God’s voice was to be the governing force which produced the mechanism of Fruitfulness within man, whom He set over all of His creation. Just like a musician blowing his own breath into an instrument produces a lovely sound. God breathed into man.

That lovely sound is the fruit of the two coming together, not of the instrument alone. God is the one who gave us the very things that make us fruitful. We cannot produce fruit on our own, fruit is an element of order. Man is fallen and the tendency of all things fallen is chaos. Chaos never tends toward order, order is always something intentional. Always. It was out of the former chaos that God established all of the order we now see, at the start of Genesis. Man produces various instruments because he himself is an instrument of God. Who quite purposefully did not give man everything so that we would need each other.

In Genesis 4 He gave various gifts to men; farming and livestock to one, playing of musical instruments to another, metal working and the making of tools to others. These things didn’t come out of nowhere. He did this so that men possessing skills talents and abilities differing from each other, would have to come together to get what they did not have themselves. God gave men the ability to collaborate cooperate and communicate to redirect the resources of the earth. They could not do it alone, but only as a collective.

In His Word this collective is called a body, which does have a Head. As it is a type of the Body of Christ, prophesied to come later. By the time we get to Genesis 6 we have men already becoming completely corrupted by separating themselves from that which made them Fruitful – the voice of God. Now they are thinking evil only all the time and they are multiplying without producing any Fruit. Something God never authorized. He told us to Be fruitful and multiply. This multiplying without fruitfulness is one of the main things that made the earth wicked, and how it became filled with wickedness. Anything that is not of faith is sin, and unbelief itself is called wickedness in the Bible. So don’t let your mind wander too far with how bad it got. Our definition of bad is very different from God’s.

It had to be drowned and all men were destroyed by the flood of Noah. Except for those 8 souls in the Ark. The biggest reason is the corruption of the bloodline of the entire human race by Lucifer and the angels who fell with him, in order to stop Messiah from being born through a woman. This is what Genesis 6 is speaking about where sons of God married the daughters of men. The term sons of God refers to angels in the Old Covenant, and the Nephilim were one of several half angel half human tribes in the earth mentioned in the Bible. Fallen angels and humans sinning a new species into existence. That’s something the heathen would love to put in a movie, if only they knew. All of Greek mythology is contained in verse 4, men of renown, the heroes of old. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the angels who sinned had names like Zeus and Apollo. Just sayin’.

Don’t choke on all this stuff go read the Bible yourself. It’s all in there. It talks about unicorns and fire breathing dragons as well. The unicorns will be found only in the King James. Make sure before you do though, to decide that the Word of God has final authority in your life. If you don’t do that it won’t mean anything to you and you’ll get very little from it. Listen in your spirit, that’s where you recognize Truth. If you want to know the Truth you’ll want to know these things. God is so much bigger than anything you or I could have thought up.

As a Prophet the main thing I do is speak God’s Truth. As a Teacher I explain and expound on things to win your understanding, to a certain degree. But you still have to Believe. The ancient world had the same problem as the modern world, multiple tribes multiplying without fruitfulness. No country has a right and no couple has the right to bear children without the resources and ability to care for them. Nobody. Doing such a thing is not a right it’s a wrong. Fruitfulness is not an option to consider when multiplying, it is a commandment. You have to bear fruit before you multiply. Otherwise your multiplying is not authorized.

The coming of Messiah had already been prophesied by the time all this happened. Lucifer tried this same corruption of the blood line after the flood without success. That’s what 9′ tall Goliath, his brother, and multiple other giants and tribes of giants listed in the Bible were the product of. The failure of Lucifer trying to stop the Son of God from bringing back the government of His Father. If you have a hard time believing in a God who is big enough to create with such depth of scale, then you’ll find it even more difficult to believe in each of the 100 billion stars in this galaxy and the 100 billion galaxies in the universe. And that they somehow appeared there all by themselves out of nothing. Even a handful of dirt didn’t come from nothing. Everybody knows that.

The reason so many people want the Government to solve all their problems, and want some Individual to meet all their needs is because – they are Faithless. Being without Faith is being against God. The failure of government and the collapse of economies is part of what has to happen for everything to come into place. What we’re seeing in front of our very eyes right now is that all those who won’t do it God’s way will be food for the Antichrist. They are being prepared for him like a meal. Jesus already came to give all men the chance to become like Him. Christ is the answer and the only answer, to everything. People don’t like that for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that it requires faith to please God. It’s not that faithless people can’t get faith – many don’t want it. More precisely they don’t want to do what it takes to get it.

It’s much easier to live without faith than to live by faith. Faithless people always want someone else to take care of them so they don’t have to obey God and live by faith. What everyone needs to do is to get faith and stay in it. Live by faith and die in it. Faith is the only way to get where we all want to go. God has commanded that the just shall live by faith. It is impossible to please Him without faith. Jesus was raised for our justification, to justify us to make us just. You have to live in Christ every day in order to develop the kind of faith that He means,  so that He can justify you. Especially if you don’t want to get stuck here for the most difficult days in the history of the world. Jesus will not be coming for those who are getting ready, He’s coming for those who are ready. Stay in faith and you’ll be ready when He comes.

Jesus &

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry